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    Valve lengths

    Are the pro series the ones you are seeing the increased flow from?
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    Valve lengths

    Which valves would you recommend for NZ casting EQ heads? Assuming both work, are the liberty much more expensive than the LS valves?
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    uh oh..... set back. water in oil

    I have had a timing cover leak internally before spraying water inside the cover and down into the oil pan.
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    Speedmaster, Edelbrock, ProMax head question for you guys

    Just based on flow I would pick the head and valve combo in the first column. But what do I know?
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    [FOR SALE] Rare NOS TRW 318 .(030) Forged Pistons

    What is the compression height and piston weight?
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    3.9 Stroker

    Just my two cents, but if you are hell bent on keeping the 3.9 then I would put some KB pistons to get some compression, have a good valve job and bowl cleanup done, and regrind the cam.
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    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    Unfortunately the question am I in the mood for a car show is all too often synonymous with am I able to tolerate multiple dipshits today.
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    another usps blunder.

    Honestly I am surprised that your part ever made it out of China. Hope you get it soon.
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    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    No sir I appreciate old cars like that. What I don't like is seeing something that someone spent a lot of money on to have "restored" and my knowing they got screwed on the deal and they have no idea. I would much rather buy a car that hasn't been worked on then one that has had a bunch of...
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    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    That stuff sticks out like a sore thumb to me. They came from the factory that way a lot of the time though. Even worse that the misaligned panels to me is all the sand scratches, crap body work, and half azzed paint jobs. That said, I keep my trap shut, unless I am paid to do an appraisal of...
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    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    Maybe it is a Gault's gulch thing?
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    Unpopular opinion. I'm so frustrated I hate car shows/cruises.

    In addition to the engine comments, the mopar restoration Nazis are damn near unbearable. Yes, I know my car isn't a numbers matching restoration. Move along if that bothers you. I don't need yet another asshole stopping by to tell me what they think I did wrong. Problem was easily solved...
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    Need Quick Garage Cost Info ASAP !!

    If you don't mind my asking what all is included with that? Concrete pad, electrical, plumbing, etc.
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    LED Shop Light Flashing

    They do generally put out more light. I have 4ft 4bulb halogen light boxes on the wall of my paint room and found just two leds would put out as much light as 4 of the halogen bulbs. First couple I bought I made the mistake of getting clear tubes instead of frosted. Those triggered a...
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    Some nice work there guys. Thanks for sharing. Question for those using LED lights. Are they compatible with the dimmer in the headlamp switch? I can't handle them full strength driving at night.
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    Demand and Supply

    All good points, but in his case there is no shop, there is no car, and probably there is no engine. No pistons will be bought, only complaining about a lack of options- same as when he is discussing buying a car.
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    [FOR SALE] Ross Pistons

    Was asking about the thickenss, ie 5/64, 1/16 etc...
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    [FOR SALE] Ross Pistons

    what size rings and are pins included?
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    My new to me 1 Ton Dually

    Very nice. I would like to find a deal on an old Dodge flatbed like yours.
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    Trucking songs

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    A post for the alcohol pollutes your oil crew.

    Does the vaccine pump protect against covid corrosion? :)
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    Cam regrind?

    I wouldn't be afraid to run a welded and reground lobe. Cranks have been repaired that way since long before I started messing with this stuff.
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    Cam regrind?

    Seconded. Most of the material removed from a regrind is off the base circle to increase the lift, not from the snout of the lobe. Thats why longer pushrods are sometimes needed depending upon how much is cut.
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    I counted my small block stash today.

    Do only bare blocks count, or do the engines in project cars count in the total? :)
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    Anyone need any magnum heads.

    I have a one eye, but have 6 in total.
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    LA360 compression

    Read the thread and you will know.
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    Closed chambers gone bad… that’s a wrap

    You guys are missing the easiest way. Fire up the grinder with some 36 grit and lop the top right off those suckers.