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  1. Map63Vette

    Anyone else using MegaSquirt on a LA motor?

    I'm not running an LA motor anymore, but the system I have came off of one. Currently running a 5.7 Hemi with an MS2. Bought it from a guy that had it installed on a 340, but he was more old school and wanted to go back to a carb. I'm an engineer by trade, so I like tinkering and the concept...
  2. Map63Vette

    Which part does the "wearing"?

    Different cams are made from different materials too, so I'd say it's a toss up. Had a friend with a late 70's Vette that was known to have soft cams. Ground a lobe down to a circle so the valve wasn't doing anything. Cams can be cast and billet as well, which I'm sure has some effect on...
  3. Map63Vette

    Sleeving a cylinder pros/cons

    The main issue would just be having enough material to put one in. I don't imagine siamese bore blocks are too easy to sleeve, but I'm not a machinist, so may be wrong. I had a sleeve put in my 5.7 Hemi when I bought it do to some scoring. I could have probably bored it out to clean it up...
  4. Map63Vette

    Did I pay too much?

    I think a lot of it depends on where you are too. Prices in my specific city are pretty high compared to what I've heard from a lot of people, but if I look around me I can get them to come down some. Some cities are made of machine shops, others don't even know what one is, lol.
  5. Map63Vette

    318 sb with a four barrel carb

    Come to think of it, I'm not sure my choke was hooked up at the time since it was still summer and the car didn't have it wired when I bought it. I have the same AFB carb on mine, I turned my screws in till it bogged a little then backed them out a quarter to half I think when I did it. I've...
  6. Map63Vette

    318 sb with a four barrel carb

    I've had a similar issue with my car not starting during a certain window of time after shutting it off, usually around 30-45 minutes I think. I just put a brand new pump on it when I got the car, I usually just have to hold the gas down a bit and help it clear out. It's gotten a little better...
  7. Map63Vette

    HP seem right to you???

    Yeah, I have no idea what is really in it, it was that way when I bought it. I'm also almost certain it was just pulled out of an F body (along with the rest of the driveline it seems) and had a 4 bbl thrown on top with no rebuild. It runs great, fires right up all the time and purrs like a...
  8. Map63Vette

    Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Polished vs. Natural

    That is just silky smooth, makes me want to get a six pack, lol.
  9. Map63Vette

    HP seem right to you???

    I guess I should mention that the 200 number my accelerometer puts out was engine corrected. I think it was set for a 18-20% drivetrain loss when I made the run, so that would put it at around 160 rear wheel or so.
  10. Map63Vette

    HP seem right to you???

    Not that it's terribly accurate at all, but I have one of those windshield mount accelerometers I've run on my 67 Dart 318. Came up with around 200 and change horsepower I think. I'm sure all the settings aren't quite tweaked right on it, but it seems reasonable for what I have. As far as I...
  11. Map63Vette

    ld340 intake...mechanical temp. gauge???

    You can actually buy a spacer like that premade. It's not the prettiest solution since it's not a matching contour with the water neck, but I put one in and it's worked very well. Looks pretty much exactly like the pictures above. Summit sells them (look up water neck spacer I think). I got...
  12. Map63Vette

    1989 la 318

    You might have to be careful on the intake too. If it's a magnum motor doesn't it have the different intake bolt angle on the heads? You didn't mention magnum (not sure what year they started), but you might double check. Though you can just buy a performer intake in a magnum variety if you...
  13. Map63Vette

    edelbrock cylinder heads

    One good thing they have going for them that you might also consider is that they are aluminum and would probably save you 50 pounds or more. That's the main reason I was really looking into them. They seem to be a pretty good deal for small block aluminum heads. It seems like the other...
  14. Map63Vette

    E-85 on a 360

    Well, color me surprised, just read through the corrosive section on the E85 site and no one seems to be having any trouble with it. Maybe there are some types that are worse or something, but they did bring up a good idea. Worst case just take whatever part you are concerned about and let in...
  15. Map63Vette

    E-85 on a 360

    E85 is a great way to go for power though, you can tune a lot more out of it if you do it right. The octane rating and fact that you use extra fuel is nice because you get the cooling effect of the fuel and the detonation resistance. You don't need higher compression to run it, but you can't...
  16. Map63Vette

    E-85 on a 360

    You won't really see a benefit on the cost I wouldn't think since you'll lose mileage with E85. It's just not as powerful as gas so you need that extra 30%. I don't know what it's like in your area, but around here the prices pretty much work out to be even, so E85 is 30% cheaper, but you use...
  17. Map63Vette

    Playing Nevada's Smog Game

    I wouldn't necessarily bet on a bolt on cat doing the job. Having just taken a class about catalytic converters in my graduate studies they're really part of a full system, not so much a standalone piece. It would probably help some, but without full engine management I don't think it would...
  18. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    I'll probably end up with a full rebuild and top end kit in the long run, but it's nice to know I might be able to at least sell what's on it for some decent money. I'll have to keep it in mind though, I wanted to go aluminum heads for weight, but the 340 idea keeps tempting me, lol.
  19. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    Huh, figures one of the few things I'm lucky on doesn't necessarily help me, lol. The 340 intake on the 318 heads has got to be an interesting fit, I would dang near put money on it that there was zero machining done to make them match. Probably just looked on the shelf or the nearest junkyard...
  20. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    Lol, nothing would surprise me at this point. You all pretty much know more about my engine than me at this point. I'm almost hesitant to do anything to it, because by some miracle the thing actually runs pretty well. It all came with the car, so I haven't changed a thing. The whole car...
  21. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    Certainly, sorry they are not terribly good, didn't really want to remove everything for a better picture.
  22. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    Yeah, I've seen lists of casting numbers and looked up ones specifically for the intake, but the format is the big issue that I'm having. All the lists I find have a 7 digit casting number on the tables for intakes, but the casting numbers on my intake are a different format in that it's a 4...
  23. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    So my 318 had a 4 bbl on it when I bought it and I really didn't think much of it, but when I got to looking around I noticed that they pretty much didn't make 318's with a 4 bbl out of the factory (I think there may have been a few cop cars or something with them). So I decided to go pull...
  24. Map63Vette

    Small block radiator size/cooling issues

    I'm not entirely sure on this one, but don't most serpentine systems run a reverse rotation fan? Don't know if you are using the stock one or if one came with the serpentine kit, but you might check which way it turns to be sure.
  25. Map63Vette

    Best 273 and 318 builds (NO 360's please)

    Yeah, I was planning on tracking down a forged crank sometime down the road. Trying to get the rest of the car up to snuff first. Thought about going all out with a stroker kit at the same time since I'd essentially be replacing the whole rotating assembly, but we'll see =P. Was going to try...
  26. Map63Vette

    Best 273 and 318 builds (NO 360's please)

    Dang, how many miles did he get out of that setup? Stock + turbo + highway 8.25 sounds like a bit of a ticking time bomb, lol. Though I'm thinking about an 8-71 on a stock bottom end =P.
  27. Map63Vette

    I have annoyed the car gods. Sigh!

    Not sure if this applies, but I had a 69 Charger with a 440 that once pretty much refused to start. Would blow fireballs out of the carb and we tried everything. Finally took it somewhere and it was the condenser in the distributor. Reman piece from the part store and the condenser was bad...
  28. Map63Vette

    Indy LA-X vs. Eddy heads

    I found this a little while ago while searching for small block head info. It doesn't exactly meet all your ideal info, but it might be worth a look for at least out of the box numbers. I don't think all the tests were done on the same bench or all the porting done by the same people, but take...
  29. Map63Vette

    Anyone Know of Online Engine Dyno Software so I Can Test a Few Combos?

    I'm not sure if I've ever tried it, but you're also making sure to change it on the left side right (if CamQuest)? If I remember right the right side is just an overview but not changeable aside from the cam choice.
  30. Map63Vette

    Anyone Know of Online Engine Dyno Software so I Can Test a Few Combos?

    Hmm, do they make any forged varieties with the similar tall compression height? I'm debating boost down the road or possibly a shot of NOS and would rather just build it up the first time than swap out pistons down the road.