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  1. dacuda360

    [WANTED] (WANTED) 1970-71 steering column for Ps/ automatic.

    Traded with a member on here "TheGreatRonzini" my good 69 complete A body column and wheel for a 73 dart column and wheel. It cost me $138 to ship this to NY and see what he sends me.He sends me a truck column missing mounting brackets, burned up harness, no gear shift selector arm at base of...
  2. dacuda360

    wanted 318 .030 full floating prefer 1.755 min comp dist.

    Bought a complete 70 318 .030 "race" motor but wasn't able to pull the heads till I got home. Rotating assembly was balanced so I took a Chance. Heads came off and they were .157 down in the hole 1.657 CD. Looking to get some decent compression. KB 167 are almost perfect. If your cleaning out...