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  1. dart9ss

    [SOLD] BB Solid roller

    solid roller 660/660 272/284 at .050. used cam went 9 07 with this cam. selling asking $200 or B.O plus shipping.
  2. dart9ss

    [FOR SALE] BB roller cam

    272/284 at .050 660/660 lift. Comp cam reground by cam motion to these specs. cam never hurt, good bottom end torque asking $250 or B O plus shipping!
  3. dart9ss

    [SOLD] 8896 1150 dominator

    Selling a good working carburetor, updated idle circuit,reworked by Dons carbs. my car was always consistant! worked great asking $285 or B.O. plus shipping!
  4. dart9ss

    [SOLD] Edelbrock 2815 intake new in box sb la heads

    New asking $425 plus shipping!
  5. dart9ss

    [FOR SALE] Roller cam / roller rockers

    BB mopar 660 /660 272 / 284 roller cam used in good condition .cam reground by cam motion worked good car went 9.01 !! changing out to go bigger asking $285. or B O plus shipping.
  6. dart9ss

    [SOLD] selling 750 Holly and 1050 dominator

    cleaning out selling my older 8896 holly 1050 Dominator this carb was worked by Dwayne and later Dons carbs. works great cleaning out stuff asking $525 or B.O. also older progressive linkage 750 holly worked by dons had flow sheet was in the low 800s. asking $275 or B.O plus shipping works...
  7. dart9ss

    [FOR SALE] new w5 heads and rocker arms ford 9 inch gears , holly gen 3 carb

    foe sale Motive gear big pinion 4: 29 :1 ford 9 inch rear with bearing installed on pinion. like new maybe 40 passes, switched to 4:86 ratio , asking $375 plus shipping! Holley gen 3 number 80906 1150 carb like new switched to 1250 asking $800 or best offer. plus shipping!
  8. dart9ss

    2 racer brown sb solid cams

    I have 2 cams for sale 0ne is stx 19m -108 511/ 509 on a 294/294 the cam is fine no issues going with a new combination. the other is an stx 23-105 570/570 312/312 this cam is new only used 20 passes i have matching lifters for cam. I'm asking $75 for the 511 small cam and $95 for the 570 cam...