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  1. Alberto

    trailer feedback

    Hello All!!!! For you trailer users, I am getting ready to purchase an enclosed trailer and want some feedback from owners. 24 foot trailers seem to be the norm for hauling most cars. I currently have "A" bodies but will someday end up with my Road Runner. A racer friend had a 24 but said he...
  2. Alberto

    "X" or "TA" heads???

    Hey Guys, I want to properly identify these heads. I will give all the numbers I found on the head. 3418915 B. Then AAWJ 360. Another tiny plate that is screwed to the head "01090" . There are also several big "U"s stamped on it. It does have 2.02 / 1.60 valves. I looked on three different...
  3. Alberto

    Fair price for a '70 340 engine that needs rebuild

    Hello All, I have a 340 motor with a date code of 10/69 (1970 motor cause of late date?) The engine is all there except a carb and distributor. The short block needs a rebuild(has original bore). The heads were redone with three angle valve job and new, better than stock springs. This was done...
  4. Alberto

    1970 Plymouth Scamp engine options

    Hello everyone.. Best of 2019 to all!!!:popcorn: Does anyone know if the 1970 Plymouth ever came with a 340 engine?? THX!!!!!!:thankyou: AL