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  1. '68-340-S

    [WANTED] Maroon steering wheel

    I’m probably going to just suck it up and pay to have mine restored but I’ll use another one until I can talk myself into spending the money on it.
  2. '68-340-S

    [WANTED] Maroon steering wheel

    How much are you looking to get for it? Do you have any pictures?
  3. '68-340-S

    [WANTED] Maroon steering wheel

    Anyone have a better than driver quality maroon steering wheel? Mine is very rough. The picture is what mine looked like when new. Thanks, Adam
  4. '68-340-S

    [SOLD] A-Body Dust Shields

    Are these the same ones on eBay?
  5. '68-340-S

    [WANTED] Kelsey Hayes Dust Shieds

    Always a day late and a dollar short. If I had the garage of my dreams I would just fab up a set. I guess I may give Tony’s a shout and see what they have. Out of the rims that came on my car only 2 were 5.5” wide, I had gotten the other 2 from him.
  6. '68-340-S

    [WANTED] Kelsey Hayes Dust Shieds

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have a set of clean (not pitted) KH dust shields? I’m converting my ‘68 over and the ones that came with my parts were rusted to nothing. I could have sworn I saw repos but now that I’m actually looking for them I keep coming up empty handed. Thanks ‘68 340-S fastback
  7. '68-340-S

    Thanks. I haven't been on here in a while. How has the group been? It was pretty cool and laid...

    Thanks. I haven't been on here in a while. How has the group been? It was pretty cool and laid back then things started to get kinda tense with some of the newer members.... that's when I left for awhile.
  8. '68-340-S

    5x4.5 = 5x115mm .. right?

    The new Molars are running 5X115mm bolt pattern wheels. 4.5 is 114.3mm. The wheels will NOT work without being red filled or using adapters (I would weld and redrill before I would use adapters). Whoever measured your wheels did not do it correctly. Are they close....yes. Will they bolt on and...
  9. '68-340-S

    Favorite Duster tail lights.

    I had a '72 and miss it dearly.... but my favorite has always been the '70-71.
  10. '68-340-S

    Year One Dash Harness

    I wish that would work on my '68.
  11. '68-340-S

    '05 9.25 rear rebuildable?

    Thanks Kernal, It's been killing me to not know what's going on in side my diff. I've been sick and not able to crawl under it long enough to pull the cover. I hope it's as simple as ring/pinion, bearings / seals and not everything.
  12. '68-340-S

    '05 9.25 rear rebuildable?

    Supershafts, It didn't make any noise until it broke... I didn't get any warning. The pinion nut doesn't look like it's backed off at all... when I "flop" the driveshaft around by hand the pinion moves everywhere the yoke does, no slop between the two. I'm not taking it to a shop. This will be...
  13. '68-340-S

    '05 9.25 rear rebuildable?

    I found one with almost 60K for $1,500... lowest I've found is just over 1k. At that point it seems like a better idea to just rebuild. The rear is locked solid going forward. In 4wd it will pull the rear end and drag the rear tires.
  14. '68-340-S

    '05 9.25 rear rebuildable?

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here (had a lot going on). On my '05 Ram I blew up the 9.25 rear. It's locked up (but will move in reverse... don't know now far, I really didn't want to do any more damage). When I crawled under the truck the pinion is just laying in the rear...
  15. '68-340-S

    PT Cruiser for sale

    I know some one that might be interested... I'll let them know about it.
  16. '68-340-S

    sbp disks

    I've heard that the ball joints are differant. I'm going to switch over to the sbp discs too, I hope some one can give a good answer. I hope I can just use my stock uca ( Mine was a stock 10" drums)
  17. '68-340-S

    68 GTS power brake stuff for sale.KELSEY HAYES

    That sounds real tempting, Do you have the prop. valve?
  18. '68-340-S

    A body auto console top plate 67-68

    If 66fs doesn't take it put me next in line.
  19. '68-340-S

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda

    I've been tempted many times to get out of my '68 and into something else, but i'm sure it would end with me kicking myself for not keeping it and finishing what I started ( just like all the other Mopars i've had in the past).
  20. '68-340-S

    57-59 Plymouth site??

    The closest I have is my '56. I was on the Forward look site years ago and they have alot of helpful people on there ( just don't talk too much about modding them... lol)
  21. '68-340-S

    72 black/black duster 340 w/ # matching.

    That is nice, If my '68 wasn't here i'd be all over that.
  22. '68-340-S

    OK I need help again guys and gals.

    My Grandparants '02 Stratus is 5X100mm... Same as my Neon... Not safe at all for use on 5X4"
  23. '68-340-S

    Hemi heads on a poly?

    I can put a set of the small Hemi heads on my '56.... It has a 270 (Semi-Hemi) Red Ram Poly in it. I know it's not as easy as just bolting on the heads. By the time I would go through all that I might as well do what I want to.... 440 strocked to 500" with a 5spd behind it. Hey, that cars...
  24. '68-340-S

    What the F@#& was chevy thinking?

    We did an oil pan gasket on a G6 with the 3.5...Wouldn't be so bad if the trany didn't have a worthless tab that hung over the the oil pan. If it was my car I would have cut the tab off and been done with it.
  25. '68-340-S

    68-69 factory 340 valve covers

    That's very tempting. Do you take paypal?
  26. '68-340-S

    1967-69 Registry

    I would love to be part of a 67-69 reg. Who knows, maybe I would run across my old '67... Or better yet my Dads '69 340-S 4spd notch that he ordered new.
  27. '68-340-S

    new vehicle thoughts.

    An '05 Ram 4dr Hemi sounds like just what you need....
  28. '68-340-S

    1967-69 Registry

    I haven't seen one yet, but if I find one i'll let you know. Mine is a '68 340 S fastback, Auto on the floor W/ p/s, a/c, and some odd options.
  29. 1956 Dodge Coronet

    1956 Dodge Coronet

  30. '68-340-S

    Looking for Windshield '69 Barracuda

    I found my replacement on ebay. I can't remember who I got it from though, Next time I get at it I'll take a look at the box.