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  1. daddio4048

    Oil Pump shaft broke

    Replaced oil pump shaft with Chrome Molly Performance one. Found not metal shavings in oil filter.Oil pump was fine. Test pumped in bucket of oil with no issues. Put everything back together & she runs fine. Dodged a huge bullet because if I had been driving it I probably be rebuilding motor !
  2. daddio4048

    Oil Pump shaft broke

    Well, after looking at the shaft; it looks like there was a bad spot in it. It was used when I installed it & there is no telling what kind of abuse it endured. The hex shaft piece that broke off had a lot of play going into the pump compared to the prime shaft I used to prime the motor. Ordered...
  3. daddio4048

    Oil Pump shaft broke

    My car hasn't been cranked up in about 3 months so I decided to go crank it up & get to operating temp. Cranked the car up to let it warm up & noticed no oil pressure. After testing sending unit, pulled distributor & pump shaft & found the tip broke off. Glad I wasn't driving it when this...
  4. daddio4048


    You needing the pan bracket?
  5. daddio4048


    Nice B&M shifter. $100 Paypal
  6. daddio4048

    Best fluid to see if the valve/seat are sealing well

    When I worked in a machine shop in the 80s we use to spray WD-40 & blow compressed air in the port. Popping the valves to insure proper seating in the center of the valve face was always crucial.
  7. daddio4048

    Sgbarracuda??? Is he ok?

    He was great guy. Will be greatly missed. Rest in peace my friend.
  8. daddio4048

    [SOLD] New 3" Dynomax Ultra Flow Mufflers

    Have a brand new set of Dynomax Max Ultra Flow mufflers. 3" in/ out centered $100 plus shipping my zip is 31602
  9. daddio4048

    [SOLD] B&M Holeshot Torque Converter

    B& M Holeshot torque converter. 2400 stall. For 727 trans. $ 200.00 O.B.O. Pa pal good
  10. daddio4048

    Help with Door Glass Track Installation

    That threaded part goes to the top. Looks like the rear slide for the glass.The bottom slotted piece is to adjust glass angle once everything is installed.
  11. daddio4048

    Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries & 2947 cnties in US

    Had Covid twice Once in December 2019 & September 2021.
  12. daddio4048

    [SOLD] Dynomax Ultra Flow 17219 mufflers

    Have a set of Dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers with 2-1/2" in & 2-1/2" out.with less than 200 miles. Just a little louder than I wanted . $100.00 paypal accepted pted
  13. daddio4048

    [WANTED] Windshield wiper motor

    Where do you find the date code on these?
  14. daddio4048

    [SOLD] Mopar performance A body super stock Springs 002/003

    I used some lowering blocks on my Duster until they settle in.
  15. daddio4048

    [FOR SALE] Small block pulleys

    Kim, what are the differences on the pulleys in the last picture? Height difference or diameter difference?
  16. daddio4048

    [FOR SALE] Clearance Sale In The A BODY Aisle

    I'll take the the black day/night rear view mirror on aisle 6.
  17. daddio4048

    [FOR SALE] Hurst Promatic 2

    New Price : $100 plus shipping
  18. daddio4048

    [FOR SALE] Hurst Promatic 2

    Have a like new Hurst Promatic 2 shifter. Will need linkage kit & cable. $200 O.B.O
  19. daddio4048

    Mopar Performance Lifters

    I'm just thinking about the spring in the lifter may just settled just enough to start the tapping. How much do you adjust your adjustable rockers? I know everybody has different ways but I know some have that certain way that seems to work better than just the normal way!
  20. daddio4048

    Mopar Performance Lifters

    It was just one lifter doing this. I took the lifter out & took it apart & found no issues. I'm thinking just soak it oil again,pump it up,& reinstall it. Maybe things just settling in?
  21. daddio4048

    Mopar Performance Lifters

    Got engine going & did the usual 20 minute break in on the cam & everything was good. Did a couple more start ups with different RPM changes & motor ran great. Went to start back up the other day & noticed a lifter tap on driver's side that I didn't have before. I have Toth Aluminum heads with...
  22. daddio4048

    Mopar Performance Lifters

    I guess its just adjusting I need to do since I've done the initial break in