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  1. mopar410

    I think I might have an engine problem... :(

    An 800 double pumper does sound good in theory but if you are just cruising around you may be too rich.If you smell gas at idle you are wasting gas in a street car.Try to find a friend with a smaller carb to test with and get it to temp before checking for issues.As stated that's condensation...
  2. mopar410

    Happy Birthday Blacksheep00 and mopar410

    Thanks and it was a good day.
  3. mopar410

    No Crank, No Lights, No Click, Battery Not Dead?

    That green corroded wire in the bulkhead you said was the ammeter could be losing connection and your problem.Clean that up and check again
  4. mopar410

    No Crank, No Lights, No Click, Battery Not Dead?

    You may have found your problem but don't rule out a bad battery.I had a battery a couple years old and the terminal inside the case was broken.It would start for a while then one day nothing no click,lights nothing.I would twist on the terminal while some one turned the key over to start...
  5. mopar410

    What have I done(or failed to do)now?

    If the pump was mounted in a bind and not tightened down surface to surface removing the gear may relieve the bind and cause the pump to be loose.If that makes sence.
  6. mopar410

    Evidently there is 9 of us with a birthday today.

    Happy birthday to you and the rest of them.Oh no I'm in the middle I'm starting to feel invisible :lurk:
  7. mopar410

    mystery headers......

    I have some Hookers that do not slip apart but the geometry is different than his.The driver side tube covers the two rear plugs pretty good and his looks to have better access.
  8. mopar410

    What have I done(or failed to do)now?

    Sounds like you may have put the oil pump,drive gear in a bind.So you did start the engine?If so and it didn't have pressure then you most likely damaged the gear or the pump.
  9. mopar410

    acid dipping rust removal

    Impressive.Beats wire brushing,don't ask me how I know.Interested in seeing your final ratio.
  10. mopar410

    Greetings from Texas !

    Welcome from Tennessee.Two great vehicles to spruce up.
  11. mopar410

    Final ride, just where in the H*LL are they getting buried?

    You gotta admit if you saw this in your rearview mirror on a old dirt road you would be freaking out.
  12. mopar410

    Happy Birthday Drache !!!

    Happy B Day
  13. mopar410

    Happy easter fabo

    Happy Easter everyone.
  14. mopar410

    He'll at Production Frozen This is the sales figures for corvettes since 2010 monthly.So yeah alot of people have that kind of money laying around.Roughly the same price so maybe the mopars will start matching those numbers. Also those full size...
  15. mopar410

    attractive alternator?

    Was the engine running?While running the shaft the pulley bolts to has a magnetic pull.Never heard of one going so far as to magnetize the pulley though.I wonder if it was over charging?
  16. mopar410

    Dodge is recalling all Hellcats for Fuel Leaks

    Good job to them.Only one was found with a potential problem and they are bringing all of them in for inspection and if needed repair.The others seem to wait until a percentage are reported before anything is done,but we are talking about 2,000 not 2 million cars.
  17. mopar410

    Happy Birthday "73AbodEE"

    Happy B-Day
  18. mopar410

    Check out this "different" 65 Coronet

    Gives it a stealthy look.:cheers:
  19. mopar410

    Belt rubbing water pump

    You should have a triangle shaped piece to support the outer alternator bolt.Also if you can run the belt on the outer pulley it will miss the water pump. Here is a thread that should answer all your questions.
  20. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    The short liner can cause drag going into the tip.That and the tight tension was probably the problem.slow moving small wire needs a smooth path more so than the big stuff.Glad you got it worked out.
  21. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    The spool tension may be too tight and if it hangs a little it causes the wire to surge.I set mine at home and work (when I was a welder) so the spool spins by hand VERY easy.Tight enough that the spool doesn't unwind when the trigger is released.As Bad Sport said if the feeder wheel is too...
  22. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    Play is normal as long as you can't pull the wire out more with little effort.If you can then the wheel is slipping. Describe "challenging".Is your thin metal galvanil or rusty.Fluxcore pops more and has more spatter so thinner stuff is harder to make look good.i don't think its the liner from...
  23. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    I'm not completely sure about the smaller welders but the contacts I mentioned should be the only moving part inside the welder when you hit the trigger the contacts close.Unplug the welder (obviously) and make sure they are not carbon arced or rusty, this is the power that melts the metal so it...
  24. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    I think so too.when mine is not in use I leave the lead loose out of the machine then lay the lead over the welder from side to side then continue with a loop and lay the gun on the welder.I have seen people roll them up tight, with solid .035 or bigger it's not as much of an issue but small...
  25. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    A new liner should have instructions with it but if you have the original you can usually go by that.
  26. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    Make sure the spool mount is turning and that doesn't have a groove cut into it.also make sure Wire feed roller is the right size some have two size grooves and can be flipped over, make sure the roller is tight and clean with no slippage.if you are using a liquid clean as mentioned above it may...
  27. mopar410

    Been fighting with my Millermatic 185....

    To answer your question about using a tip one size bigger than the wire.If a spatter ball hits the tip at the wire there is more room around it to keep feeding wire same as if the tip gets gummed up.Catch 22 though,the bigger clearance also allows a bigger chance of getting stuff into the tip...
  28. mopar410

    Have a piston question - are these okay?

    Neighbors like you two are hard to come by.Show there is still good in the world as for the pistons Imo smooth them down and run them just make sure the rings grooves are not pinched.
  29. mopar410

    This weekend Music City MOPAR Sept 2014

    No,it is a bit of a drive for me to Nashville on a regular basis but I try to get to the Lebanon show each year.
  30. mopar410

    This weekend Music City MOPAR Sept 2014

    I seen your car ,nice, but couldn't find you.Alot of great mopars at that show.Superbird,a few AAR's and a viper to name a few.