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    Steering column reassembly

    Thanks, although it didn't seem to have any burrs, I went ahead and took some emery cloth to my shaft...the steering shaft that is. Several taps with a hammer and random bolt, seated the bearing just enough to get the snap ring on. Thanks again!
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    Steering column reassembly

    71 Dart auto, power steering column. During reassembly, I cannot get the ball bearing and housing installed far enough down the shaft to put the snap ring back on. It's almost like the entire assembly needs to be pressed on. Any advice on this?
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    [FOR SALE] 8 1/4 Diff

    Can you post pics and confirm if small or large bolt pattern? I'm actually guessing large. I'm in Sac, have 4wd and would be more than willing to drive up if it looks good.
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    [SOLD] A body 4 speed trans

    Still for sale?
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    [FOR SALE] A Body 8.25 Rear. Drum to Drum, or Housing and Axles

    No third member in an 8.25. Still have the entire axle assembly?
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    Yo, nice to see a fellow Mopar guy from the same town!

    Yo, nice to see a fellow Mopar guy from the same town!
  7. '71 Dodge Dart Swinger

    '71 Dodge Dart Swinger

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    71 Dart not starting after new steering box

    Thanks for the advice. I did no more than verify the connections once again and then attempt to start in Neutral and it cranked and fired. It didn't however crank nor fire in Park. Took it for a decent drive and now it starts in both Park and Neutral...all appears to be good. I swear it's acting...
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    71 Dart not starting after new steering box

    Just installed a new Firm Feel Box which involved disconnecting the steering colum. When in Park, I get nothing and maybe a slight sound from the starter relay under the hood but not sure. When in Neutral, I get a noticeable clunk/click from the starter and then all power is gone...everything...
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    [SOLD] A body 8 3/4 rear

    Ship to CA???
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    Factory AC removed, no heat!

    Cool, thanks very much for the response and any follow up!
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    Factory AC removed, no heat!

    Have a '71 Dart 318 car and the factory AC was removed before I purchased the car. The dash controls are still installed but the heater does not work. There are two small vacuum lines (side by side) coming out of the firewall that are cut. What do I need to do to get the heater going? Thanks for...
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    Picked up a 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger today!

    That's awesome! I need one for my mantle too!
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    Small bolt pattern wheels

    Hey, thought I'd share this with my fellow small bolt pattern guys: while flipping through the Classic Industries catalog, I found a wheel called Showwheels...five spoke design that resemble the American Racing torque thrust. They come in 17" and up, small or large bolt pattern, and polished...
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    [FOR SALE] 8 1/4 Rear End

    Large bolt pattern?
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    8 1/4 rear end swap

    Thanks Dartnut for welcoming me aboard and as well as your detailed response! Thanks to Jaws as well! I was afraid you'd recommend a mid 70's A-body. I understand that would be the easiest swap but they're just not as readily available around here. I was hoping some of the late model Mopars...
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    8 1/4 rear end swap

    Hi, I recently acquired a 71 dart with 318, front discs, small bolt pattern and 7 1/4 rear end. Ideally, I would like an 8 3/4 rear end but realize they are hard to come by and pricey. So, I'm set on getting an 8 1/4 but since they were used in so many early and late model Mopars, I don't know...