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  1. spankster

    What is it?

    Thanks! Its the heater box cable.
  2. spankster

    What is it?

    Car is a 70 Dart
  3. spankster

    [FOR SALE] UCA Ball Joint Socket LCA Tap

    For small UCA ball joint and LCA tap to press out sleeve $40. Plus shipping
  4. spankster

    [FOR SALE] Lower control arms bare SBP $200

    I can sell you one set for $100 plus shipping.
  5. spankster

    1/4 rear window removal

    Well that was certainly a real PIA! Got them out without any damage to windows, car or knuckles.
  6. spankster

    [FOR SALE] Lower control arms bare SBP $200

    2 sets. These are in great shape. Bare. Have been sandblasted and primed. Includes set of stiffener plates from Mancini and one set of adjusters and 2 sets of pivots without bushings. $200 plus ride.
  7. spankster

    [FOR SALE] Upper control arms. SBP

    2 sets. Blasted and primed. New Ball Joints and Bushings moog. One set “x” arms are pushed inward too far From press and not symmetrical, happened when removing the bushings, i think may be able to be pushed back out with a small pneumatic jack. Other set is aligned. $100 plus ride.
  8. spankster

    [SOLD] 70 Dart Swinger Black Carpet. Automatic.

    New never installed. Going to 4 speed. Purchased from Classic Industries. $90 plus ride
  9. spankster

    [SOLD] Rear Spring Relocation Kit, A Body? $65

    OK I bought these 5-6 yrs ago and not sure what I really have here. I believe I got them from Mancini but, can't remember cause I'm old as dirt and lost the receipt. I ordered these for A Body 70 Dart. So looking at Mancini's website there were 2 versions, A body and B/E body - now no longer...
  10. spankster

    Floor wire covers any alternatives.

    Thanks. That’s a great idea. I agree, I think needs something for carpet and that bevel between the floor and the inner rocker for the finished look and support.
  11. spankster

    Floor wire covers any alternatives.

    My covers were bent and when doing reseal on floor board, it was easier to remove these. You van by repops from AMD Jegs but question for group has anybody used an alternative material? I was thinking some high density foam and contour to inside rocker to the floorboard. Here’s the parts in...
  12. spankster

    Transmission Crossmember?

    Don’t know what this fits. I know it doesn’t fit my 70 Dart. Earlier A body?
  13. spankster

    Little Johnny

  14. spankster

    [SOLD] Hooker SB 5116HKR Headers

    New never installed. $325.00 plus the ride. These are $496 on Summit. Includes gaskets and hardware.
  15. spankster

    [SOLD] 340 torsion bars 892R and 893 L

    Sent pm on the torsion bars
  16. spankster

    door panel wrinkles

    Thanks for that "how to" Tony! I was wondering about that and not to sure about the heat gun method...
  17. spankster

    [SOLD] 67-72 A Body Lower Control Arms Rebuilt

    Fresh rebuilds with Moog bushings and bumpers. Stripped, blasted, primered and Seymour Stainless paint. This is a very nice set.$250.00 delivered.
  18. spankster

    [FOR SALE] Hooker Headers 5116HKR Small Block

    These are new, few very minor scratches from shelf sitting, nothing significant. Complete set with gaskets. I have these on eBay now for $395. Will sell to FABO member for $375.00 delivered. Helluva deal!
  19. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Thanks. I'm trying to keep it period correct. That's why I wanted the originals. I had a perfect set with the LCA's as Hemi noted and like a dumbAxx I sold the complete set.
  20. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Good question. From my limited experience it's the strap that gets trashed, cut and bent to allow for replacement of the bushing, and they also get they get "curbed". The base mounts don't get beat up. Your point is well taken Hemi, if going to do the repop, might as well do the base mount...
  21. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Mo Pix. Looks the same to me!
  22. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Thanks guys. I found what I need on eBay just the strap that welds onto the bracket. From looks they are same but my lord they are expensive. $124 for set of straps. That's for 2 pieces of metal that have indent in it to conform to the bump on the bushing. I have a good stamper in Michigan...
  23. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Ok. No worries. Thanks for letting me know!
  24. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Can you send pix. are bushings already in the brackets? thanks
  25. spankster

    [WANTED] WTB 67 - 72 front sway bar brackets

    Need the 2 front sway bar brackets. Ones I have are pretty well shot.