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  1. Project73

    [FOR SALE] 26"fan Shroud

    No, the shroud is sold. Thanks
  2. Project73

    New Years Day Cruise-In at Grille 57

    Come on A-body guys lets meet. There is a cruise-in at Grille 57 in Raleigh on New Years Day. Myself and a friend will be breaking out the Scamp and Duster and going. Hope some of you will meet us there.
  3. Project73

    [FOR SALE] 302 heads

    I am located in Durham NC.
  4. Project73

    [FOR SALE] 302 heads

    Set of 302 heads and rockers from a 89 Ram 318 roller motor. Will need to be reworked but are not cracked. $80 obo plus shipping. They were cleaned after pictures were taken.
  5. Project73

    [FOR SALE] 26"fan Shroud

    26" fan shroud part # 3673820. Came off my 73 Scamp. Excellent condition. $75 plus shipping.
  6. Project73

    [WANTED] 1973 Duster 26" Radiator & Shroud

    I'm 3rd but I also have a 26" shroud. Came from my 73 Scamp in Excellent condition.
  7. Project73

    [SOLD] a body small block fan shroud

    Looks like its for a a-body 26"radiator. If so part # would be 363820.
  8. Project73

    [FOR SALE] 750 Vacuum secondary Holley

    750 Vacuum Secondary Holley # 3310-3. Very nice and good running carb. Pulled off my car cause it was a little big for my 360. Gas line is included $175 plus Shipping.
  9. Project73

    [WANTED] '73 Duster Bumpers

    I got mine from Tri- City and they are in Tennessee US. You would need core to trade in to keep the cost down some. Excellent quality.
  10. Project73

    WTB #302 heads

    PM sent
  11. Project73

    26" A body radiator-WANTED

    I have the factory one out of my 73 Scamp. It had a small leak at the top tank. Also have a perfect factory 26" fan shroud. I can give you part #'s if interested.
  12. Project73

    [SOLD] Bracket wanted

    I have one that came off my 73 Scamp.
  13. Project73

    WTB 1973 26" fan shroud

    I have a factory off my 73 Scamp. Perfect condition.
  14. Project73

    FARMINGTON 11 May Who's going

    Myself and 2 others from Durham NC will be there. We will be driving my 73 Scamp, 70 Duster and a 72 Swinger. Hope for good weather!
  15. Project73

    383 Edelbrock Streetmaster

    Intake is in good condition. Open to offers plus shipping cause I don't know much about the streetmasters.
  16. Project73

    318 - 360 Edelbrock Intake

    Good Ebelbrock Intake just no need for it any more. $75 plus shipping.
  17. Project73

    New from NC

    We are planning on going.
  18. Project73

    New from NC

    I am in Durham so keep me posted on a get together. There are 4 of us here that would like to meet.:thumbup:
  19. Project73

    A body wheel and tire sizes.

    They have a 4.25 backspacing.
  20. Project73

    Biggest Tire In Stock Wheel Well?

    275-60-15 BF Goodrich TA's 3" spring relocation. 5/8s clearance inside and out. Didn't have to touch the wheel lip.
  21. Project73

    Henderson, NC pics ... 10/20/2012

    I was there. Checked your car out but didn't realize you was a member. We will have to meet up some time. More Mopars there than I thought it would be.
  22. Project73

    A body wheel and tire sizes.

    225-60-15 Front 275-60-15 Rear I have about 5/8's clearance inside and out and still has the wheel lip. 3" spring relocation. 15x7 cop wheels
  23. Project73

    Dog Dish Wheels

    Haven't got to paint yet, But I love the look.
  24. 1973 Scamp

    1973 Scamp

  25. 1973 Scamp

    1973 Scamp

  26. Project73

    need 8 3/4" rear end nuts

    I also have a set of 10in rear brake backing plates if Moparparts doesn't .
  27. 73 Scamp in NC

    73 Scamp in NC

  28. Project73

    Wanted: 3.55 or 3.23 sure grip center section

    I have a 489 case with 355 suregrip if interested
  29. Project73

    WTB 8 3/4 3rd member

    I have a 489 Center Section with Suregrip and 355 gears. PM if interested