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  1. Map63Vette

    Pick my mufflers

    It's been too long for me to be sure, but years ago my dad and I built a 69 Charger with a 440 for my brother and I'm pretty sure the exhaust shop put Magnaflows on it. They were okay sounding, didn't quite have the real deep rumble. The main thing we didn't like about them is when you wound...
  2. Map63Vette

    exhaust port shape

    I think all of their tubes might be round at the flange. I bought a set for my 5.7 hemi swap which is square ports and the headers are round at the flange. They cover the entire port (the circle fits the square inside okay), but I agree it's a little odd.
  3. Map63Vette

    Ceramic -vs- Stainless headers?

    One other possible benefit to ceramic is it seems like they clean up real easy too. I know I've gotten my fair share of oil and whatnot on them when sticking my hands in the bay to fix things and they usually just wipe right off with a rag, don't need to scrub or anything. And they keep things...
  4. Map63Vette

    Header / Exhaust Paint, what's the best?

    I had a friend once who fixed up a pipe on his motorcycle with barbeque grill paint. Was the typical flat black you might see on something like a smoker. It looked nice when he was done. It was just a crossover pipe, he steel wool'd it and painted it up. Don't know how it held up though...
  5. Map63Vette

    Exhaust Manifold Temperature

    A lot of it might depend on what kind of headers and/or coatings you might have. I think headers would tend to run hotter than cast iron manifolds, but I really don't know. I've measured my 71 Vette with a stock 350 and headers at around 800-900 when I bring it back from driving it around, but...
  6. Map63Vette

    Header Nightmare

    How do Doug's do with a 4 speed setup? I know the TTI's need a z bar mod or change, but I don't know that I've ever heard much discussion on the Doug's stuff fitment wise, mainly just that they tuck in better. I was thinking about the generic Summit stuff because you can get ceramic for right...
  7. Map63Vette

    H pipe or X pipe......

    What brand cutouts are you running on that? I was looking into electrics but didn't know which was better.
  8. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    I plan to fix the engine when I do the exhaust swap. I have a stock K frame ready to swap in, just no headers yet. I figure it would be a lot easier to snake headers in with no K frame in the way, just need to figure out what headers I want to run. I was probably going to go with the Summit...
  9. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    Yup, my new baby, lol. Should have a new set of shoes in the coming weeks. Exhaust is next on the list, but it may have to wait a little longer.
  10. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    Ah, I see what you mean. Honestly speaking the whole driveline is a mess anyway since I'm still trying to figure out where it all came from. It's a mid 70's 318 with a 73 4 speed and some year F body 8.25 rear end complete with the F body leaf springs and isolator boxes. The spring perches...
  11. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    I found it's really not actually that bad, maybe a half inch off of so to the side and maybe the same half inch low, but I managed to find a new K member anyway. I was more concerned about the steering box mount since I had no idea what was modified on it. I'll have to pull it out of the car...
  12. Map63Vette

    tailpipes and a spring relocation kit?

    Pipe size probably has a lot to do with it too. I was just eyeballing mine, but I've got dinky little 2" pipes right now and no mods. I would think tubbing and tire size would be the other big factors.
  13. Map63Vette

    tailpipes and a spring relocation kit?

    Though it may be a little late, I think you could probably still run pipes to the back with a full inboard spring kit. You would have to snake the pipes between the frame rails and the leaf springs, but unless you completely bottom our your springs you wouldn't really have to worry about them...
  14. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    Ah, I see what you mean on the bolt, I'll try to check it out. I tried my best to get a rough estimate on the engine position and it doesn't look too bad, but don't quite think it's stock. it looks maybe 1/2" low and maybe 1/2-1" to the passenger side. Need to see if I can find a better way...
  15. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    Unfortunately to some degree that's true, I just hate to take a hammer to brand new parts to make them fit, lol. I have no idea what the previous owners were doing because the clutch linkage rides on the driver's side exhaust pipe and the steering arm is trying its hardest to rub a hole in the...
  16. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    Hmm, looks like I might be in the market for a stock V8 K frame then. I'd love to go AlterK, but there's no way I have the money for it. I'm not even convinced the power steering is right anymore. It bolts in fine, but I'm not sure if the brackets are original. It seems like it would just be...
  17. Map63Vette

    What headers work, and what don't?

    What headers have people found to work with power steering? I was pretty sure TTI said they would work, but my problem is the wonderful previous owners swapped a 318 for the /6 and made their own mounts to put it in. They're spool mounts at least, but they're attached to a piece of angle iron...
  18. Map63Vette

    opinions on hooker headers

    So what sort of options are there for PS headers? The other problem I think I may run into is that the wonderful people that owned the car before me decided to replace the /6 and make their own mounts for the 318... On the plus side they look like spool mounts, but they sit on a piece of angle...
  19. Map63Vette

    Muffler Placement

    So I was just thinking the other day, has anyone ever experimented with muffler placement and the difference it might make in sound? I know that a car sounds pretty crappy running through just pipes, especially if they are very long pipes, with no muffler, which got me thinking, does having a...