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    Suspension for no prep/ street

    I’m going to make the move from bracket racing over to the heads up/ street stuff. Right now the car is stock front and rear suspension with caltracs and some decent shocks. What front and rear suspension combos work for you fast guys on the street. Tye car will be driven on the street quite a...

    rear suspension? 4 link? caltrac mono leaf? street lynx?

    im to the point to where id like to upgrade the rear suspension. right now the car runs mid 11s and works very well. Im building a motor that is going to be turbocharged and will make over a grand. what do you guys prefer for higher hp cars. this car gets driven on the street a lot. but i also...

    questions about battery disconnect wiring

    i relocated the battery to a trunk used a sealed box kit. a 4 post disconnect switch. i have the 10g wire ran to the back but im confused on what to do with the alternator wiring. i have it wired to the 4 post on the small positive lead on the switch then to the positive terminal on the battery...

    Best brake pads for stock 73+ brakes

    Looking for a better pad for my duster. Entire brake system is brand new down to the lines. I’m just using some cheap raybestos pads and stock rotors and would like to upgrade my pads. Pedal feel is ok rear adjusted perfectly but need something a little better for the track. I also drive the car...

    Couple passes at the track today

    Today was race number two of our local et series. Car was super consistent with the exception of some cooling issues. Car likes to get hot when sitting. I’m assuming it’s the old brass radiator and crappy summit e fan. Would love some advice on a good radiator and e fan set up. Engine is just a...

    DA and tuning at a different track?

    so im running my 65 dart at mats the year and I have a couple questions when it comes to tuning. currently the car runs consistant 12.0s @ 110-113 depending on temp. my track is at sea level and this time of year is perfect for drag racing. ive been tracking the DA in vegas and it always seems...

    what manual valve body?

    I want to buy a forward pattern manual valve body for my 904 but im curious as to what you guys are running and any problems youve had with them

    new years day drags footage

    Took the ole dart out to the track for the new years day drags. car has been untouched for about 9 months ran consistant 7.6s at 88-90 all day went 5 rounds in pro. ended up sleeping at the light in the last round

    new years day drags sacramento raceway

    took the dart out to the track, decided to run the points this year. heres my first pass, 60ft was horrible but still managed a 12.21 @ 110 new years day drags sacramento raceway - YouTube

    footage from mopar muscle car magic at sacramento raceway

    i havent edited the video yet. for some reason my gopro decided to only record this one pass this pass was a 12.30 @ 110 1.72 60ft mopar muscle car magic 2013 12.30 @ 110 - YouTube

    finally blew the trans up today

    took the dart out to the track today for some runs first pass was a 12.26 @107 1.9 60ft spun pretty hard second pass was a 12.00 @ 109 1.71 60 ft on the second pass the car wheel hopped about 40ft out and had a weird vibration. when i got it back to the trailer i noticed a puddle of...

    first time to the track with new combo (video inside)

    so long story short my dart started out life with a lil 273 running consistant 18s in the the hp bug and bought a 360 out of a dakota rt, car went 12.99 1.79 60ft @ 102. (stock converter) with a set of out of the box eddy heads 1.7 mpp roller rockers holley 650 a set of long tubes...

    test and tune, with my first wheelie pic!

    finally got the dart out to the track last night best time of 11.83 et 1.67 60ft 117 trap

    tune and test tonight

    finally takin the dart out for a few shake down runs ill post pics and videos tonight!

    what should my car run, with some garage pics!!

    ok so i just did a few more mods to the dart first off the specs 65 dart gt narrowed 8.75 3:91 gears 295 60 15 bfg drag radial caltracks 90:10-50:50 shocks 904 3500 stall 360 395 hp mopar crate engine with upgraded eddy rpm heads 1:7rr rmp air gap holley street avenger 770 carb nos cheater...

    how much stall do i need?

    i was hoping that someone could help me out, im lookin for the correct stall for my car heres my combo 2600lbs with driver tq 904 8.75 with 3.91 gears 360 magnum (00 out of a dakota) stock compression 9:1 eddy heads 1.7r harland sharp rr speed demon 750 525 555 lift 301 305 duration 108 lope...