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    [FOR SALE] 72 340 keith black edelbrock ect

    hey fabo im helping my buddy sell his 340 he just built, hes wanting to build a magnum stroker engine so i firgured id put it up for sale on here as ive had luck before. specs 72 340 block 10:1 kb pistons .010 over stock reground 340 cam edelbrock rpm heads edelbrock air gap intake...

    [FOR SALE] bb 727 built with stall, early A body headers

    727 big block trans freshly rebuilt 3000 stall was going to put it in my 65 dart but my headers hit the pan, ended up building the 904 $750 i have a set of used hooker super comps for an early a body $450 custom big block headers for an early a body $400

    [SOLD] built 383/440 crank 516 heads

    up for sale is a 383 that came in a car i bought years ago, the car was done by a high school for the high school drags. the body was pretty rough so i parted the car out took all of the suspension for my car but i have no use for a big block 383 block 440 crank 516 heads edelbrock tourqer...

    [FOR SALE] big block chassis headers for 63-66 a body

    im selling a set of custom made long tube chassis headers for a 63-66 A body these were on my dads 65 dart for many years while it sat in the garage. they havent been run long enough to burn the paint off of them they are 1 3/4 primaries to a 2.5 inch collector they allow you to keep all...

    Mopar performance 1.7 roller rockers (360 magnum)

    due to new cam set up in my motor i ran into clearance issues with the 1.7s so im going back to 1.6s they only have maybe 200 passes on them, i paid almost 400 new im looking to get 200 plus shipping and 3% paypal,

    small bolt 8 3/4 for sale

    up for sale is an 8 3/4 outta my dart, still has small bolt pattern complete with third member 3:23 open i believe, looking to trade for a 3500 stall converter for a 904