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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I agree that cars are polluting less due to cat convertors and computer systems. How ever there are more of them out there. Sun light aggravates the problem and creates smog. In my neck of the woods, they are building expensive 3000 sq. foot homes. They require more heating and electricity...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I'm not pushing for EV's just trying to counter some of the statements being made by the EV haters. It's good to read that some people are giving it some thought. They are not the answer for everybody. I'll let the next generations figure out what to do about cooling the Earth. I'm hearing about...
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    It has begun!

    As long as the legislators are older people, I think we will be safe for a while. As in don't take away MY Corvette. However, when the jerks out there are 'rolling coal' and it's shown on TV, that may ruin it for all of us.
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    What are you listening to ?

    Rumours of Fleetwood Mac - tribute band - PBS - good stuff. The Whippoorwill - Sheely Smith - from the Thunder Road movie
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    Last one to post in this thread wins!

    Boooooooooo, Have you no shame?
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    Last one to post in this thread wins!

    I had a 1930 model A in my youth. It would cruise at 45 MPH, anything faster and the mirrors would vibrate really bad. Once did 65 downhill, dumb stuff. Brakes [mechanical] were poor. My dad had a couple of AA trucks. They both had 'low hole' 4 speeds.
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    Tesla recently lowered the price of some models. Seems like all cars and trucks are stupid expensive. Dealers are charging thousands of dollars over list price. And some tojota dealers are charging 60,000$ for a RAG 4 small station wagon that lists for $44,000. They call it a 'market...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I know what you meant to say, and I agree. We pay a road use tax every time we buy a gallon of gas. The states should have an equal taxing system for electric cars. In CT, we have to get an emissions test every two years, where they record the cars mileage. So, charge EV owner's for the miles...
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    273 Commando Engine Build

    I was thinking of his 273 with a 4'' stroker kit. He mentioned that he wasn't interested in a 318 or a 360. So how about a 331 cubic inch stroker? 3.23 gears. Sounds like a fun car to me. Maybe I'm just getting old.
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    Ford is building 3 new plants in the southeast . One is for making electric trucks. One is for making the batteries for them. And one is for recycling the batteries. BUT, all trucks aren't selling well now because of their high prices. And high interest rates. Just read it costs $15,000 to have...
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    Obscure Or Odd Movies You Like Anyway

    1984 [with Richard Burton] One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Apocalypse Now The Shining Thunder Road Apocalypto The Exorcist Thriller [old tv show]
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    273 Commando Engine Build

    If it was my car, I would keep it pretty much stock. Without spending a huge amount of money, it will never be really fast. There is a lot of money out there on the street right now. Enjoy cruising around on pump gas in a fun-fast car that's dependable. You can always build a serious stroker...
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    Idalia recently turned into a category 3 hurricane and is gaining strength. Landfall in a few hours. HELL is coming to breakfast for those poor people down there in Florida. And Georgia is next. Be safe. {3AM.}
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    The latest reports say the storm will turn into a hurricane shortly, and increase into a cat 3 by the time it hits Florida. Somewhere between the panhandle and Tampa. Many homes will lose power. It's going to get real ugly in places, so NOW is the time to get ready. If I lived along the coast, I...
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    A storm is located near Yucatan Mexico. NOAA says it's headed north next week into the panhandle of Florida. The Gulf is very warm right now. [over 86 degrees]. Good luck to the people down there.
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    Hey parts vendors, how about INCLUDING A DECENT SET OF INSTRUCTIONS in with the products you sell?

    Ice maker? We bought a refrigerator a decade ago. I didn't want an icemaker because it took away some freezer space. So, we had to order one. Two weeks later it came in. It cost over a $100 more than the one with an icemaker, which they had in stock!
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    225 charging problem

    I read the MAD article ,what a bunch of BS. I've taken apart a police cruiser with the 65A alternator 1973? and the wiring was still in good shape after years of abuse. The problems people have are mostly due to modifications they make. Headlight wiring is only adequate, so don't add hi-watt...
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    727 Torque Converter

    DANGER! That page is WRONG! 1968 thru early 1972 340 motors used forged crankshafts. They were all neutral balanced [crank, harmonic balancer, flexplate, and convertor]. Later in 1972 they put cast iron crankshafts in them. This required a special harmonic balancer with '' for 340 cast crank...
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    Last one to post in this thread wins!

    I looked this up on the Toronto CTV news channel. They stated that arsonist used an accelerant on a Porsche. And they showed a couple of good photos of the guy. Because of your hatred of EV's, I've lost faith in your credibility.
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    LOL!! EV range not only reduced in cold, ALSO reduced in HEAT!!

    Back in the day I remember running the AC for 10 - 15 minutes until the black vinyl seats cooled down after a day at the beach. Gas was cheap then. My neighbor runs his Dodge Hemi pick up about 15 minutes during winter mornings. He had to get his cam and lifters replaced at 130,000 last year...
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    Looking for a little advice on the timing numbers I just pulled from my 73’ Duster (backfire issue)

    Drop the idle to around 750 rpm. Since someone went through the trouble of adding a 4bbl and manifold, they might have changed the distributor too. See if you can find a tag or a number stamped on the outside of the dist. housing.
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    STOP! You will be putting 14 volts inside the gas tank. Chrysler put a 5 volt limiter in their vehicles for a reason. [No kaboom]
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    What will you do

    I don't think America is burning more gas now. I think the oil companies are trying to get a bigger piece of the pie. [increase the size of their monopoly]. At one time people owned gas stations. Then people leased gas stations. Then they got bought out by convenience store chains. Seven Eleven...
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    My new to me 1 Ton Dually

    Keep in mind a cab & chassis has a bigger frame and brakes than a dually pickup. Looks like a solid body. Congrats.
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    What will you do

    The diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil. The cars from Brazil mostly run on alcohol made from beets. The U.S. makes alcohol from corn. PBR said he buys methanol at $4 a gallon [made from wood scraps]. ETC. In 20 years fusion reactors should come on-line. There's too much money...
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    What will you do

    Latest I heard is that the sun won't explode for another 6 billion years. Hope this won't change your plans.
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    Random pictures thread

    Photoshop or Real???
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    318 runs real load and shakes like crazy

    Fan should be closer to the radiator shroud PVC valve is usually on the driver's side ---- PVC breather vent is on passenger side #1 plug wire on the distributor cap faces the front of the car from the factory. Then clockwise Firing order is cast into the intake manifold Timing is TDC if it is...
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    Overheating issues

    Check the simple stuff first. Remove the radiator cap. The coolant level should be up to the top of the radiator cap. The cap should have two rubber seals. The small rubber hose should be tight and free of cracks. The recovery tank should be about one-quarter full. Check for gunk on the bottom...
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    Retard builds a LSD inspired GTX, then installs 348 Chevrobolt--and with a NASCAR 2nd GEAR!!!

    Not my cup of tea, but certainly unique. Not hideous. Strange is a better description. Decades ago I saw an AC Cobra with a 440 in it. I thought it was cool. Ford guys likely hated it.