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  1. gliderider06

    [WANTED] 904 torqueflite slip yoke

    I have 2 for sale, in the sale ads.
  2. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Fan spacers

    Still available
  3. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Red seatbelts

    $40.00 shipped
  4. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Engine fan

    $50.00 plus shipping
  5. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Mopar books

    Found another book. Asking $100.00 shipped for all 4
  6. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Mopar books

    Mopar performance chassis book, big inch small blocks and A-833 transmissions. Asking $100.00 for all 3.
  7. gliderider06

    Facebook Scammer alert

    I purchased a steering wheel from this guy on Facebook for $200.00 shipped. After a week I message him asking where it is. He said the shipper sent me an email. I find it in my spam folder and they (International Shipping Courier) say they require a $200.00 shipping insurance deposit that will...
  8. gliderider06

    Potatoes anyone

    Yes! Every weekend we have this at breakfast.
  9. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Engine fan

    Still available
  10. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Red seatbelts

    Still available
  11. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Breathers

    Single breather still available
  12. gliderider06

    [SOLD] A body interior screw kits

    Screw kits are still available. Sent you a PM
  13. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Breathers

    Three nipple breather is sold.
  14. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] 904 trans yokes

    They are the small u joints.
  15. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] A body front fender braces

    Front fender braces for A body. Asking $25.00 plus shipping charges
  16. gliderider06

    [SOLD] A body interior screw kits

    2 partial interior screw kits from my duster. Both kits will probably make a whole kit with spares. Might be missing something. Asking $30.00 shipped to a US postal address
  17. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Transmission dipsticks

    3 different transmission dipstick and tubes. One has no stick. Dont know what they fit. Tape is for reference. Asking $20.00each plus shipping
  18. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Trans bracket

    trans bracket Asking $15.00 shipped to a US postal address
  19. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] 727 trans mount and seal

    New 727 trans mount and tail shaft seal. Asking $25.00 shipped to a US postal address