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  1. ptbill

    [FOR SALE] 1964,65,66 rear window gasket

    I'm not sure. I bought it from Classic Industry.
  2. ptbill

    [FOR SALE] 1964,65,66 rear window gasket

    New rear window gasket and chrome lock strip for 1964,65,66 Barracuda $70 shipped to lower 48 states
  3. ptbill

    54 years of marriage

  4. ptbill

    54 years of marriage

    My wife and I celebrated 54 years of marriage today
  5. ptbill

    What are you listening to ?

    Jimmy Buffett
  6. ptbill

    Very rough week last week. I had to have Roman put to sleep.

    So sorry for your loss. We have 2 cats that are 17 years old and I dread the day that I know is coming. Remember all the comfort he gave you.
  7. ptbill

    Did a little fishing Sunday evening

    A little fishing is absolutely correct.
  8. ptbill

    Grease for steering linkage

    What grease should I use on the steering linkage on my 65 Barracuda
  9. ptbill

    Torsion bar adjustment.

    Thanks to everyone for all the help and I decided to not mess with the ride height.
  10. ptbill

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July
  11. ptbill

    Torsion bar adjustment.

    If I adjust the torsion bars to lower the front end by 1" on my 65 Barracuda do I need to get the front end re aligned?
  12. ptbill

    [FOR SALE] 65 Barracuda running/turn signal light

    Right side turn signal/running light for 1965 Barracuda. Driver quality. Came with my car when I got it 10 years ago and just ran across it. 35$ shipped to lower 48
  13. ptbill

    Lawyers needed

    I use I. B. Fleeced
  14. ptbill

    Cat Pics

    Here is wide load guarding the front door
  15. ptbill

    Going in for a shot to the back

    Good luck hope it works
  16. ptbill

    Look what I got for Fathers Day !

    Like the interior
  17. ptbill

    Cat Pics

    Mine takes a victory lap around the house every time he uses the litter box
  18. ptbill

    If money ( and storage space ) was no object…

    1968 383 Barracuda and a 1971 340 Cuda
  19. ptbill

    Time to let here go?

    We live about 30 miles north of East Liverpool by Youngstown Ohio.
  20. ptbill

    Time to let here go?

    No I don't have another project but I might look for a motorcycle from the 70s or 80s. Yes I lived in Georgia for 34 years but always wanted to get back to Ohio. We moved back to our small town in 2019. We get back to Georgia 4 to 5 times a year to see our kids and grandchildren
  21. ptbill

    Time to let here go?

    Have had her for 10 years now and I've kinda lost interest in her. I think this will be the last summer.
  22. ptbill

    Rest In Peace to my cat Copper Girl

    So sorry for your loss. We have 3 cats and they get on my nerves sometimes but still love them.
  23. ptbill

    When you realize you are, in fact, short

    My dad said he was tall enough to touch the ground. He was 5'5"
  24. ptbill

    Brake shoes

    I used the pictures to figure it out but couldn't find anything showing orientation
  25. ptbill

    Brake shoes

    I'm sure it does but I didn't find it however thanks for the info. That's the way I thought they went but wanted to make sure
  26. ptbill

    Brake shoes

    I have it but it dosen't show the direction of the front of the car. It just calls out primary and secondary shoes
  27. ptbill

    Brake shoes

    I have a 65 Barracuda with 9" drums. There is a primary and secondary shoe on the front brakes. Is the primary shoe the one with the shorter friction surface and does it go towards the front of the car?
  28. ptbill

    chrome bumpers

    Tri-City Plating. I called them and they had a pair redone. I took mine up to them and gave them mine and came home with the ones they had. Its been 6 or 7 years now and they are still great.
  29. ptbill

    Brake drum

    Thanks. I'm leaving it on and I'm old too
  30. ptbill

    Brake drum

    Yeah, I'm going to