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    [SOLD] Disk brake conversion

    No part number. Came with car pre assembled like in pic.
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    [SOLD] New body panels

    I have for sale brand new LH floor pan, LH inner fender, and LH & RH rear quarter panels. Floor and inner are AMD not sure about quarters. I bought for my '73 duster but sold car and bought a '70 that doesnt need these. Located near Ottawa ON. Inner $230 CAD Floor $200 CAD Quarters $ 220 ea CAD
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    [SOLD] Disk brake conversion

    I have for sale disk brake conversion kit from masterpower brakes. It comes with upper control arms, spindles, calipers, rotors with bearings, flex lines.... etc. Complete kit with other pieces like tie rod ends bushings. These all came with a car i bought. Some parts are rusty from sitting...