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  1. convx4

    [WANTED] 8.75-8 3/4 Rust Pit Free 1970-2 A Body Housing $1000.00

    I narrow and straiten 8 3/4. This one I'm putting together right now. For me its easier to body work/ grind the rust out then DA the finish, because its thicker metal.
  2. convx4

    In the AC post you made I was refering to 1965 B-Body evaporators, needing to be reproduced, as...

    In the AC post you made I was refering to 1965 B-Body evaporators, needing to be reproduced, as I cant find any listing for sale. Also if you could make 134A cross flow condencers that have the factory mounts and hose locations, making it a direct replacement, I think many people would buy...
  3. convx4

    Homemade gauge test tool, C-3826

    Thanks to all who contribute to FABO and allow me to learn some thing new and be able to keep my old junk running. I have put together some information that some might find helpful. I have not completed the how to make a gauge tester like the C-3826. Fuel gauge calibration If you have a...
  4. convx4

    [Found!] SBP 8 3/4” Backing Plates

    I believe that I have a pair of SBP 8 3/4 backing plates, I'll have to look for them. E-mail me a t convx4 at I don't always log on when I visit FABO
  5. convx4

    Replacing a BUSS fuse block with a blade fuse block

    I am currently working on making my own wiring harness on my 65 coronet. I chose to do this because I wanted to make some modifications to the way it is wired. I also am adding relays to these: headlights, high speed on the heater/AC blower motor,, Ac clutch, power top. I have been planing...
  6. convx4

    Rust dip success stories?

    I have been messing with milkstone remover to remove rust. You mix it with water in a plastic barrel. Works nicely to remove rust. First soak the part in another barrel that has a mix of lye with water to remove paint. Picture is a rusty fan shroud soaked in milkstone remover. I had...
  7. convx4

    Factory A/C on your '64-"66 Convertible?

    I'm adding factory Ac to my 66 Signet convertible. Planing to update the AC wiring with some relays. Its a slow work in progress.
  8. convx4

    AC Evaporators, Condenser and HeaterCore Manufacture needs help from the ones doing the installs

    Hi, First off I want to thank you for continuing to make parts for our old cars. To me it looks like (top picture) they are both A-body evaporators. 65 to 72 is one style 73 to 76 is another. They are not very different from each other. But I don't think the will interchange due to the...
  9. convx4

    how to bench test a 70 Dart instrument cluster?

    On my 65 coronet, ten years ago, I was having all kinds of electrical gremlins that were causing crazy issues, especially with high humidity. After many hours of testing I tracked it down to the original printed circuit board. I confirmed it being the problem by removing it and replacing it with...
  10. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    Just found this info on a 1992 Dakota tach, and thought I would share it.
  11. convx4

    How to install blower motor relays??

    Sorry to dig up an old thread. Just thought I add some info. Just doing research in to updating my 65 coronet and 66 valiant blower motor with a relay. On another site it recommended using a single five pin relay right before the motor. This allows the switch and resistor like normal until HI...
  12. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    Nice to see you got your truck up and running. The dakota's SMEC computer controls the tach. I messed a little with a stand alone tach driver but did not have any success. Did not spend much time on it. Not all of the Smec for the dakota's have the tach driver in them. So when cloning you...
  13. convx4

    What does this knob on the horn do?

    Horns stop working beacause the contactcs on the inside get dirty.
  14. convx4

    Non-charging help 89 Dakota

    I too have a Shelby Dakota #660. My computer took a dump but I was able to clone it to get the truck working again. So the 1989 computer has two boards in it. The top board with the small connector is the board that controls the alternator. The second board withthe large connector is the...
  15. convx4

    DIY electrical parts supplier ~ thread

    I know its easy to just order new wiring but I wanted to do a couple of things different. Started to rewire my 65 Dodge coronet and when I'm done with it I'll be rewiring my 66 Valaint. My plans are to update the engine bays wires and the under dash. The original headlight wiring scared me...
  16. convx4

    Fuse box upgrade 1965 Valiant V200

    If I were doing the job. This is how I would do it. Remove the wires from the 79 magnum blade box. Then I would cut the wires, one at a time, from the 65 valiant tub box. Then install them in the 79 box. If I needed terminals I would get them from terminal Supply .com
  17. convx4

    Hidden Mopars

    The Rich C. I was thinking of, was also was associated with Mid-America Muscle by the McKinley Bridge back in the 80's. Always wonder what happened to the R and R collection. Now I know.
  18. convx4

    [SOLD] 1970 Dodge Dart Custom GT w/ 340 V8 Auto + FACTORY AC

    Love the car, I have never seen a V78 longitudinal paint strip -blue. Would this be pin striping?
  19. convx4

    Home made 15 x 10 with 5 on 4 1/2 b.c. and dog dish hubcaps.

    Duster2 How many of the 10" dog centers do you have? Were they from a 14" rim? I am kinda interested in them.
  20. convx4

    [WANTED] '66 Signet A/C Control

    If a different five button switch is used the cars wiring will need to be updated to work with the switch. If I was spending your money I would buy a new five button switch and update the wiring.
  21. convx4

    [WANTED] Dakota brake pedal assembly

    I parted out a Dakota, think it was a 96. It was an auto. Should have the brake peddle. Let me get it out and take some pictures. Was there any other associated parts you were looking for?
  22. convx4

    Show us your home made tools

    Fixture for shorting / straightening rear ends. Also working on a cutter to cut splines.
  23. convx4

    Eary VS. Late A-body rear end widths

    So the 66-72 small bolt 8 3/4 has a width of 57 1/8" The same housing with big bolt pattern axles has a width of 57 13/16" Now the 73 and up big bolt 8.25/7.25 axle has a 56 3/4” width. So the difference between big bolt pattern 8 3/4's is 1 1/16" From my measurements the 8.25/7.25 width is...
  24. convx4

    [WANTED] NOS 1971-2 A Body Front 10" Brake Drum #3580534 $250.00

    I have a good used a-body 10" brake drum if interested.
  25. convx4

    [Found!] AC Condenser for 1973

    I think that I have a original style 73. Tomorrow I can get pictures and dimensions.
  26. convx4

    Early convertible top wires.

    For my 65, I could not find any, so I just made some. I reused what I could from the originals. 65 dart charger if you can't find any I am willing to remake yours. Just e-mail me.
  27. convx4

    weird Fender Tag space on 70 darts

    I would like a fake tag, meaning that I added options to my car that id did not have. Will this tag maker do that?