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    225 power rebuild?

    Hi all! Well, my 225 is getting to needing a rebuild or replacement, so I’m looking for suggestions to get the most bang for the buck. I like my slant six, so prefer to try to make it fast and cool as opposed to swapping it out for a 360. With that being said, I’d like to get a build making...
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    What disc swap kits will work with Cragar 14x6 rims?

    Hey all, looking to upgrade front brakes from 9" drums to discs on my '67 Barracuda and '67 Dart GT, but don't want to give up my Cragar 14" x 6" rims. What kits work with these particular rims...
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    1967 - 1969 Dart GT finish panel interchangeability?

    Hi all, Wondering if a 1969 Dart finish panel will fit a 1967 Dart GT? Having difficulty finding a show-quality 67 panel (or anyplace to have mine restored to show quality), so thinking about replacing it with a '69 repop.
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    Has anyone done business with sSalesConsignCars ?

    No response. Think they were scamming.
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    Has anyone done business with sSalesConsignCars ?

    I haven;t yet, waiting to hear back from them. Not too worried even if it was a flood or salvage vehicle, as it's a Little Red Express, and should be easy to clean up if there's anything there. My big concern is that it's a total scam, as I see the same vehicle listed in multiple locations for...
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    Has anyone done business with sSalesConsignCars ?

    Hi all, Has anyone done business with this company? I'm looking at buying a vehicle through them, and looking to see if anyone can give me feedback on them. I assume they are just a consignment service, but don't want to get scammed out of my hard earned $$ if there is something wrong there.
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    [WANTED] 1967 904 dipstick wanted

    Interested! What's your price with shipping to 33594?
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    [WANTED] 1967 904 dipstick wanted

    Hey all, looking to buy a transmission dipstick for a 1967 904 transmission. Don't need the tube, just the stock cable cause mine broke. Anyone have one for sale?
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    Upper control arm help

    Ok, here’s an official plea for help from any local car guys! I’ve been trying to replace the front suspension on my 67 Barracuda, and have gotten stuck in a ba spot -and need help. Can’t get the upper control arm bolts out, and the old upper ball-joint is totaled and it’s remains are...
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    [FOR SALE] Wanted: Cragar 09005-4 lug nuts

    Looking to buy new or gently used Cragar 09005-4 lug nuts. Please let me know what you have available for sale!
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    [WANTED] Wanted: Cragar 09005-4 lug nuts

    Help! In desperate need of some Cragar 09005-4 lug nuts! Cant find other lug nuts to fit the small diameter older Cragar rims!! Please contact me if you have some for sale!
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    trunk trim restoration

    If you don' t mind me asking, how much was it to have that part restored? I have one in good condition, but want to get it to show condition
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    8.75 rear 741 case 3.23 open

    Hey all, Going to check out an a-body rear end assembly today. 8.75 741 case 3.23 open Asking price is $750. Application will be behind a mild build 340/904 in my 67 Dart GT convertible. Ultimately, I'm looking to go with a 3.55 or 3.73 sure-grip, so wondering if this is a good price for a...
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    67 got a heart transplant

    Well, found a great deal on a mild build 69 340 engine, so we replaced the tires 273 (kept the air cleaner decal though!). Made a world of difference!! Now I gotta find a cheap 8.75 sure grip to replace the 7.25
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    Help needed! Best cooking radiator for 67 Dart

    Thanks all! Ordered a Cold Case from Summit. Will arrive this morning. Now the question is, what to run in it? 50/50, or distilled water with some thermal cure in it?
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    Help needed! Best cooking radiator for 67 Dart

    Lol, was trying to type while the wife drove
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    Help needed! Best cooking radiator for 67 Dart

    Hey all! Need help with what is the best direct fit cooling radiator to put in my 67 Dart GT convertible. Just put in a 69 340 mild build engine, but the old radiator can’t hack it anymore. Car is in Florida, so no worries about running too cold.
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    Scammer alert!

    Stated out as a Clifford intake, then headers and a cam,then added a a slant six engine and transmission to go with it. All with the “want to help the kid out” and “promise to send pics of him working on it”. Now it’s back to square one, and saving to get him something. Pushes the project back...
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    Scammer alert!

    Ultimate gonna be looking for everything, and trying to pull it together on a shoestring budget. Got a lead on a $300 car, still gotta see what it needs. Gotta make it run, make it safe, then make it cool!
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    Scammer alert!

    Despite my usual caution, looks like I got caught by a scammer for a lot of /6 parts for my Big Brother project for my little brother. Guy started offering one part, then another, and another...all at bargain prices and help with the shipping cost. Had his boss allegedly giving a bargain on...
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    [WANTED] Cheap or free 2 door a-body

    Hi all! Looking for a cheap or free 2-door roller a-body Near Florida that is set up for a slant 6 to be a project car for the kid I mentor in Big Brothers. I have an engine lined up already, now to try for the rest of the car! it’ll be a great opportunity for my “little” to get a cool first...
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    [WANTED] 225/6 Clifford Valve cover

    My preference is for the Clifford, since that’s the setup I’m running. Otherwise would consider an Aussie peep, or other without a name on it.
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    Considering a Torqstorm for my 225/6

    Hey all, thinking about adding a Torqstorm blower to my 225/6 in my '67 Barracuda convertible. Current setup is a Clifford 6=8 package (cam, headers, 4 bbl intake) with an edelbrock 500. Wondering about a few things: 1. Do I have to pull the engine to get the Torqstorm on? 2. Would I have...
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    [WANTED] 225/6 Clifford Valve cover

    Looking to buy a good to excellent condition Clifford 6=8 Aluminum valve cover for my '67 225/6. Someone out there has to have one for sale!! Please help!
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    Wanted: 67 horn ring screws

    How much do you want for them?
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    Wanted: 67 horn ring screws

    Need to find a set of 3 screws to hold on the horn ring on a 67 Barracuda. Can anyone tell me what the screw size is, or where to get them, or sell me a set?
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    [WANTED] 67 dart gauges

    Wanted: set of very good condition working gauges for a 67 Dart. Just the gauges, don’t need the whole dash assembly.
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    Header advice needed!

    Hey all! Looking to get some oomph out of my 1967 273 in my dart GT vert. Planning on hopefully having it rebuilt to the 1966 275 hp specs or better. (In a perfect world I would love to get 300 hp, but prolly not likely out of my old 273) Looking to replace the stock exhaust manifolds with...
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    Whistling noise

    Hey all, getting a whistling noise on my 67 dart vert at about 20 mph or faster. Thinking it’s coming from around the vent window. Any common causes or easy fixes, or good ways to diagnose it? Was thinking I could tape over 1 seam at a time and drive it until it vanishes, but seems a bit overkill
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    [WANTED] Window guides for 67 vert

    Awesome! Thanks for the info!!