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  1. PlumCrazyChris

    Has anyone installed a A518 Transmission in their Abody?

    Just curious how many people have done this swap? I know its a bolt in for the small block in a B or Ebody, just wire up a pressure switch. I did it in my Challenger, best upgrade I did on it, better than the 3rd gen Hemi for sure. Its a pretty easy straight forward install, but I know you need...
  2. PlumCrazyChris

    3 spd swap to 4 spd possible???

    I just got a 64 Dart with /6, 3 on the tree and want to go to a 4spd. Will a late model od 4spd work? and if so, what tunnel mods do I need to make? I was wondering if I could just cut whatever hole is necessary and then make a sheetmetal surround to mount a boot too. Or is the shifter...