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  1. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] A Body Vinyl Top Trim

    I'am in need of a pair of nice condition vinyl top windshield trim molding for model years 1968-1972 on the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. Part numbers 2784824 & 2784825. These mount at the bottom of the front outside windshield pillar on driver and passenger sides are a couple inches long...
  2. jsjs1212


    Hi, I would like to purchase a right and left vent window frame and vent glass channel for my 1969 Dart. Must be mint. Let me know what you have! Thank you!
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    Hi, I am in need of a cut out panel for below rear 2 door door panel adjectant to rear wheel tub. Picture below. Area boarder lower section. Would need it cut out a bit larger so I can dissect and weld in. The last repair needed in my floor project. Thank you kindly!!!
  4. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] Jack Hold Down Bezel

    Hi, Looking for a nice jack Hold down bezel for a 1969 Dart (for a freind). Thank you!
  5. jsjs1212


    Hi, looking for an NOS Mopar front 10" drum/hub. Thank you!
  6. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 5X4 Front Drum Hub

    Hi, I need a clean used 5 X 4" bolt pattern front 10" drum hub with right hand studs. Thank you!
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    Hi, Looking for a nice set of blue Direct Connection small block LA valve covers. PM me please! Thank you!
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    Hi, I am looking for an Nos Mopar left front turn signal for my 1969 Dart. Need the whole assembly; but will purchase it with or without lens. Let me know what you have please. Thank you!
  9. jsjs1212

    [Found!] 1969 Dart Hubcap

    Hi, Looking for a single mint used; new take off, or Nos. Nothing altered or repainted. Thank you.
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    Hi, I need (1) Nos Mopar chrome exhaust tip part number is 2883838. Also need (1) nos drivers side splash shield 2860166. All for 1969 dart. Would buy a single drivers side AMD splash shield too. Thank You.
  11. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 1969 Dart headlight Buckets

    Hi, Looking for a very clean set of headlight buckets for my 69 Dart. Nothing rusty or painted. Original galvanized. Thank you.
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    Hi, Looking for a mint /excellent shaped heater box part number 2837550 for my 1969 Dart. Will buy just the front section also. Please pm if you can help. I can rebuild it myself. Thank you!
  13. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 1969 340 CRANK PULLEY

    Hi, I'am looking for a nice 1969 340 crank pulley with power steering and No ac. Would like one that nice,l with no pitting and preferably not blasted. Thank you!
  14. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] Nice 2863215 Fan

    Hi, Looking for a nice 2863215 fan in good shape and not pitted please. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!
  15. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 1969 Dart Hood Release Assembly

    Hi, I would like to purchase a good (nice condition) hood release and the separate handle to activate the release for a 1969 dart. PM here if you can help. Thank you kindly. Schmitty
  16. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 1969 Dart Red Interior parts

    Hi, I need at least one bright red 1969 coat hook and a nice set of Interior pillar moldings for my 1969 Dart. Thank you.
  17. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 4972 thermoquad

    Hi All Hope everyone is well. I am looking for a 4972 thermoquad for a 1971 340 manual. Please pm me what you got! Looking for something complete with right linkages and such. Thank You!
  18. jsjs1212

    [WANTED] 394 oil pan

    Happy New Year, I would like to purchase a nice 394 oil pan for my 1969 Dart. Please let me know what you have!!! Thanks!!!