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  1. RhinoMan68

    1967-69 Convertible rear window regulators

    you may want to move this to the for sale section -
  2. RhinoMan68

    abody sheet metal

    BE AWARE @tim gaddy You should get it while its available (if they are). AMD stopped making rear 1/4s for the 67-69 Barracudas well over a year ago all that is left is old stock. You MAY even need to add the correct side marker hole for your application.
  3. RhinoMan68

    1967 Barracuda question

    The brackets (and winding mechanisms) are unique to each body style, specially convertible, coupe ( aka, notchback) and fastback.
  4. RhinoMan68

    Did they make 5x4” axles for 8 3/4 rear ends?

    I'd suggest getting involved with the CPW club if you are in the LA area. I KNOW members of that squad are very knowledgeable and some are even on the FABO list. The local Mopar clubs are great at putting you in touch with local resources. Lived in LA years east coast...
  5. RhinoMan68

    1967 Dart Quarter Glass Convertible vs Hard Top

    Nope. However it is the same for all three years 67-69 and same as the Barracuda convertible also of the same 3 years. Also please be aware that there was tinted and non-tinted side glass.
  6. RhinoMan68

    [SOLD] 4030319 Radiator (Lil Red Express)

    Interested inbox is full PLEASE PM me. Do you take Paypal? What is Shipping to 22630.
  7. RhinoMan68

    I'm going to 3D print my tail lights (Yes I'm nuts)

    as opposed to 3d printing have you thought of making out of clear/colored resin?
  8. RhinoMan68

    [FOR SALE] 3 consoles

    I'm fairly certain that #2 is from a 1975 Hang 10 Dart. Kinda rare...
  9. RhinoMan68

    A518 linkage

    I think this kit is what you are talking about... (I have no affiliation with them, I just was planning to use this myself.) PATC 727 to 518 / 46RH Conversion Kit. Click here for 727 to 46RH swap wiring diagram PA 727518 - PATC -
  10. RhinoMan68

    [WANTED] 68 Barracuda driver door glass needed Convertible

    Tinted or non tinted? I may have you covered. Need to check. Shipping from Front Royal VA to KCMO is going to be a BEAR...
  11. RhinoMan68

    [SOLD] 68 FB Barracuda basket case

    You mentioned drivetrain being there, what about interior parts dash, exterior trim, grill, bumpers, etc.
  12. RhinoMan68

    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    We have a 2015 Renegade as well (for my daughter), bought it new off the lot. She was going to school across the country in cold weather we got the 4WD, cold weather package remote start, heated seats, steering wheel, We have one of the last lifetime warranties that MaMopar was selling in the...
  13. RhinoMan68

    [WANTED] 69 barracuda plastic headlight bezel driver side

    Might anything in this lot help? 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Grille Pieces and Parts - auto parts - by...
  14. RhinoMan68

    Converted an auto center console to a 4 speed version

    Looks fantastic! What shifter are you going to use/ do you have to use?
  15. RhinoMan68

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Barracuda Nose/Grills/Bezels

    I gave the posting link to a NorthWest contact to follow up on. I was looking / asking for him. Thanks.
  16. RhinoMan68

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Barracuda Nose/Grills/Bezels

    any possibility of just selling the (or a different one if you have one) header panel?
  17. RhinoMan68

    [Found!] 68 barracuda convertible pot metal boot trim ends

    what is fair from your perspective?
  18. RhinoMan68

    Plastic dash bezel refurb

    How long ago and how much was it!
  19. RhinoMan68

    [Found!] 68 barracuda convertible pot metal boot trim ends

    So I looked and what I've got is not really very good. I'd forgotten how badly pitted they were... The one on the end, the chrome is faded off. Sorry. Didn't mean to waste you time.
  20. RhinoMan68

    [Found!] 68 barracuda convertible pot metal boot trim ends

    K, gotcha. Give me a week or so Im away from the house. Also as an FYI the chrome on these old puppies is usually week. Laysons stuff is usually fairly good. I look for them and get pictures to you...
  21. RhinoMan68

    [Found!] 68 barracuda convertible pot metal boot trim ends

    I think i have a set in my workshop. I moved a few months ago so all my stuff is still a but scattered. I also wanted to point out that Laysons repos those. Have you checked them out?
  22. RhinoMan68

    I had no idea that they still did this!

    No affiliation - I know who I'm going to be using! 3S Chemicals LLC
  23. RhinoMan68

    How much difference will it make?

    I'm more of a autox / wannabe road race guy. So your question about the Torsion Bars is yeah my understanding the trick is you are going to want to back to the original v-8 bars or even get a set of slant 6 torsion bars if you want to drag race it. The reason being the 1.03's are thicker and...
  24. RhinoMan68

    removing 68 dart convertible rear panels?

    It is one piece, this might be an obvious comment, it might be hanging on the window crank mechanism
  25. RhinoMan68

    Noob question Eddy Heads - special roller ockers?

    Looks like I cant change the mistake on my Post title sorry for the typo - special roller rockers... Ok. I am in the middle of gathering some pieces and parts I know I wanted. I was able to score a set of eddy heads for a 340 stroker build I am hoping to do (no real racing, MAYBE some...
  26. RhinoMan68

    Gauge Cluster in 69 Barracuda- Restore or aftermarket?

    I THOUGHT I saw one that was an 8K RPM one but I can't seem to locate it...
  27. RhinoMan68

    Gauge Cluster in 69 Barracuda- Restore or aftermarket?

    I wonder if this would work as an overlay.... 67 - 71 A Body Rallye Tachometer Face 6000RPM with red 5500-6000 range - Premium Dash Decals by Mr.Heaterbox He also has an all white one no redline ...
  28. RhinoMan68

    Plastic dash bezel refurb

    Got it... its a been awhile so I guess that makes sense