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  1. grjammer

    Caption this #248

    HI! can I buy you dinner? car? condo?
  2. grjammer

    Add your own Caption #246 and #247

    My smartass wife told me to buy a penis enlarger, so, here it is!
  3. grjammer

    [FOR SALE] 8 3/4 489

    cone or clutch type sure grip in the 489?
  4. grjammer

    If you wanted to legally change your name

    not telling the whole joke, Tonto Rodriguez
  5. grjammer

    Thunderer truck tires

    My factory specs indicate a speed rating of S is needed. 112 mph. I could probably go with R or Q and feel like there is sufficient margin. I plan on a 4 hour commute to NY a couple times a month, so want good snow traction, but am worried about freeway growl being excessive. M — Up to 81 mph...
  6. grjammer

    Thunderer truck tires

    I was just looking at some thunderer 18" for my 2020 ram. The speed rating is too low according to factory specs, otherwise I probably would of ordered a set.
  7. grjammer

    [FOR SALE] Holley 750

    sold pending receipt of funds
  8. grjammer

    [SOLD] 2.5 stainless ex. tips new

  9. grjammer

    [FOR SALE] Holley 750

    Old stock, never seen fuel, looks like a bolt and go, but your choice. 175 + ship from 19320
  10. grjammer

    [SOLD] 69 barracuda tail light assemblies

    Driver condition. no hardware, no lamp assemblies. lenses are good. 65 + ship from 19320
  11. grjammer

    [SOLD] 2.5 stainless ex. tips new

    I am not going to use these, so letting them go. 2.5 stainless tips, nice. 75+ ship from 19320
  12. grjammer

    [SOLD] 69 ralley steering wheel pebble grain

    Multiple cracks, spokes and cap are excellent. complete and works. 100. +ship from 19320
  13. grjammer

    [FOR SALE] 66 black seat belts

    Barely can read one tag remnant to see 66. They operate and aren't damaged. 15 + ship from 19320
  14. grjammer

    My Luck

    nope, that's a male in the mall, holding the wife's handbag
  15. grjammer

    [WANTED] Bearing Hub

    try this one. it is on here in my old posts
  16. grjammer

    [WANTED] Bearing Hub

    you can have this greasy stuff for free if you cover shipping/packing cost. let me know how much of this you want. removed from a driving 67 barracuda small bolt pattern., great shape. I will bag it and drop it at shipper. PM me your full shipping information. I am in Coatesville PA, about 5...
  17. grjammer

    Corky's Cuda

    Anyone else notice the reverse light housing for the interior dome lights? lol
  18. grjammer

    Add Your Own Caption Part 164

    They said there would be candy...
  19. grjammer

    What is your Royal Title?

    Lord Buffalo Scramble of Wawa.
  20. grjammer

    [FOR SALE] 2004 Dodge Truck Rumble Bee

    2wd, 5.2, or ....??
  21. grjammer

    [SOLD] A body radiator

    I sent request for total w/shipping to 19320
  22. grjammer

    [SOLD] A body fuel sending unit

    the cylinder is the float. the arm attaches to the resistor that sends the signal to your gauge.