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  1. 1968rt

    B engine alternator bracket........

    From what I remember the side with the two holes is for B and RB motors. looks like 4 1/2" vs 5 1/4" center to center. The other two sides are common.
  2. 1968rt

    B engine alternator bracket........

    I will check today. Sorry for the late reply
  3. 1968rt

    B engine alternator bracket........

    Are you looking for the cast bracket that bolts to the head?
  4. 1968rt

    Best dual plane intake for 400 low deck
  5. 1968rt

    B-Body HP manifold on 440 Dart?

    Actually a 68 Valiant. That was the first engine. Closed chambered 516 heads hyd Comp cam .525 lift RPM manifold. Ran low 12s in street trim. Changed to RPM heads, 590 mech cam and Proparts headers. Went low 11s in street trim (complete exhaust and interior)
  6. 1968rt

    Can't get Pro Parts headers to fit.

    Cut the hole bigger and shim mount. Schumacher mounts on a 6cyl K frame, no problems
  7. 1968rt

    Passenger HP Manifold fitting?

    I dont see the lower bearing on the column. Do you have one?
  8. 1968rt

    Passenger HP Manifold fitting?

    You can also elongate the trans mount holes to give you an extra 1/2" of front to back movement.
  9. 1968rt

    Passenger HP Manifold fitting?

    Stock BB steering box will fit even with PS. See post # 22. The only mod was to trim the outer column.
  10. 1968rt

    What oil pan for 413 73 duster?

    187 or 699 pans will work. I have a baffle template for these pans if anyone needs it. Print it to fit an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, then glue it to the sheet metal and trim.
  11. 1968rt

    Passenger HP Manifold fitting?

    You may have the mounts turned 90 degrees or even 180.That will bring the motor forward about 2 inches. Made that mistake myself. Also did it come with the shim pack? I used the shims to level it once it was in. Do you have a picture of the drivers side?
  12. 1968rt


    Here are some flow numbers for BB Chrysler heads. Early heads pre 66 are not even listed except for Max Wedge heads. Numbers speak for themselves. Stan Weiss' - Cylinder Head Flow Data at 28 Inches of Water -- DFW / FLW Flow Files for use with Engine Simulation Software
  13. 1968rt


    The early BB heads had small valves 1.94 and 1.60 with low flow numbers. 67 and up heads flowed 20-30 cfm better stock
  14. 1968rt

    How to install a dipstick tube without ruining it in a 440

    I usually put a thin slit in the bottom, which causes the diameter to squeeze a little smaller. Then tap it in with an open end and a hammer. I do use sealant on the end.
  15. 1968rt

    440 compression

    Take a look at this post, over 400HP from a smog motor! Dyno testing a stock(?) 1972 440
  16. 1968rt

    383 into 73 Dart Sport using exhaust manifolds

    You can put the column in first, just trim the outer sleeve back. Install the manifolds and it will drop right in. An access hole for #6 plug will help. Take a look!
  17. 1968rt

    Safe Valve Pocket Depth

    Flat top speed pros have almost 1/2" of aluminum on top. Plenty of room to notch them.
  18. 1968rt

    Headers with power steering

    Here are the tubes off the car. I think you can see where they separate.
  19. 1968rt

    Schumacher shims

    I used the shims to center and align the motor.
  20. 1968rt

    Headers with power steering

    Proparts are semi fenderwell. Two tubes on drivers side and one tube on passenger side exit the femderwells.
  21. 1968rt

    Rocker shaft oil hole.

    here ya go
  22. 1968rt

    Schumacher shims

    Loosen the bolt from the mount to the K frame, jack up motor and then slide them in between the frame and the mount.
  23. 1968rt

    Headers with power steering

    Proparts work with PS. Hard to see but there was no interference at all.
  24. 1968rt

    Where are the Dart GoGo’s?

    Testing the Mopar 273 Power Pak on the Dyno
  25. 1968rt

    Duel is on METV tonight

    Kern, your on this site also!
  26. 1968rt

    Golf fans ?

    Technology ruined golf! 400 yard drives and every hole is driver wedge. They need to limit golf ball distance or club size. Watch the old golf films between Palmer, Nicklaus, Miller and Player. Try hitting a 1 iron into a green!
  27. 1968rt

    Duel is on METV tonight

    A 318 will do well over 100mph in a Valiant. I had my dads Fury to 112 with a 318.
  28. 1968rt

    Duel is on METV tonight

    Is it a /6 or 318?
  29. 1968rt

    "Duel" on tonight!!

    The movie "Duel" is on tonight MeTV Svengoolie, for all you Valiant/Dart fans!!