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  1. convx4

    Replacing a BUSS fuse block with a blade fuse block

    I am currently working on making my own wiring harness on my 65 coronet. I chose to do this because I wanted to make some modifications to the way it is wired. I also am adding relays to these: headlights, high speed on the heater/AC blower motor,, Ac clutch, power top. I have been planing...
  2. convx4

    Fuse box upgrade 1965 Valiant V200

    If I were doing the job. This is how I would do it. Remove the wires from the 79 magnum blade box. Then I would cut the wires, one at a time, from the 65 valiant tub box. Then install them in the 79 box. If I needed terminals I would get them from terminal Supply .com
  3. convx4

    Early convertible top wires.

    For my 65, I could not find any, so I just made some. I reused what I could from the originals. 65 dart charger if you can't find any I am willing to remake yours. Just e-mail me.
  4. convx4

    instrument cluster restore

    Rust-O-leum has synthetic fish oil. Ever seen a rusty fish?
  5. convx4

    Three on the tree conversion?

    I would not pay $50. I was able to get the whole works from a 65 for $75 delivered to my house.
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    1966 Valiant AC Heater Box and Dash Parts

    Jim. You have three options: 1. an A-body A/C under-dash system that is 73 or older. 2. knee knocker 3. aftermarket
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    Fast Ratio Pitman Arm...

    The C-body pitman arms and gearbox have larger splines than all the other cars. I believe that Chrysler did so they would be stronger for the bigger cars. Also so they could not be easily put on other car bodys. My plan is to modify the k member on the 66 to be like the 70 with a bracket...
  8. convx4

    Fast Ratio Pitman Arm...

    I am about to put C-body manual steering gear box with the C-body Idler and pitman arms on my 66 Valiant. I have this combo on my power steering 70 dart and like it. Had the box rebuild firm as they go. Feels like rack and pinion.
  9. convx4

    3 speed automatic column to 3 speed manual column?

    I am gearing up to do the same thing to my 66. The steering column length is different between power and manual. A 1970 and later 3 sped manual has a synco 1st gear. The earlier transmission does not. These once common parts are now hard to find. Good luck
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    64 slant 6 4 spd to v8 and 9 to 10" drum questions.

    I thought the 66 K frames were the same for the slant and V8. The motor mounts are different.
  11. convx4

    Hello all...

    On the slant six the AC crank pulley goes on the inside of the balancer, next to the timing cover.
  12. convx4

    1960 - 1962 A/C brackets

    I have nothing, but would not mind a picture of what they look like if you have one. Are you going to use the factory compressor?
  13. convx4

    Ethanol fuel fix?

    I was going to try this method of ethanol removal.
  14. convx4

    Fuel Evaporation

    I was having the same problem on my 65 with a 273 bbl. I tried everything and what I ended up with is: An electric fuel pump with a return line to the tank. A three nipple fuel filter was used. I made a adjustable run time controller that only runs when the car is first started. I used a...
  15. convx4

    /6 with AC

    Great pictures Veeco. Noticed that there is not a metal fan shroud on the slat six. I am slowly working on rebuilding the factory A/C system that I will be adding to my 66 valiant. One of the items that I plan on trying to remake is the horizontal dryer.
  16. convx4

    What tach is this?

    Jim, The post -link is what has me part hunting. I thought what I found was the tach with out the bezel.
  17. convx4

    What tach is this?

    Well I did find this: 1964-1965 Dodge Plymouth Mopar B C Body 6,000 RPM Tachometer Console 2496979 | eBay Says 64-65 B C body
  18. convx4

    What tach is this?

    What year? 66?
  19. convx4

    What tach is this?

    Found a tach and sending unit with these part numbers: Sending unit 2496162 Tach 2496979
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    Early A-body Forum is now closed

    Wow, Another facebook casualty. So sad. Lets not listen to the people who want to burn down all the library's. Who needs books when knowledgeable people are at the tip of your finger, just use that smart phone.
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    64 Dart A/C

    To make the under dash work you would have it make up lines and wire as needed. With this style set you you could run the heater and the A/C at the same time.
  22. convx4

    273 Exhaust

    If you have a welder you can buy a bunch of walker (Part #41816) ID-OD 20 degree bends. They were about $6 each. Had to pie cut the ones next to the manifold to get some more bend. Tach weld in place then remove for proper weld. If you don't have a welder you could drill a hole and...
  23. convx4

    Early A 727 Speedometer hole

    If you are not in a hurry I can spin you up a plug that has a o-ring groove. Like the top picture.
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    Please help identify door hardware 64 dart convertible

    Yes, convertible parts only. These help stiffen the body so they flex so much.
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    1 owner Valiant conv.

    I bought my 66 valiant convertible form the original owner, he was 98. My car was parked in 1985. Then in 1993 he decided to drive it. The brakes went out and he rear ended some one. The car sat until 2013 when I bought it. i have been able to get most all the parts needed to get it back on...
  26. convx4

    electronic ignition want to convert

    An electronic distributor, and a control module and a matched coil. Many people are using the 4-pin HEI for the control module. Many how too's, do a search.
  27. convx4

    may have the Valiant Signet Elvis drove in Hawain style

    With out any actual proof its kinda a stretch but I have a 65 coronet convertible just like the one in Dr. Goldfoot and the bikini machine.
  28. convx4

    1966 valiant convertable

    To remove the dash the windshield has to be removed. Like Kitcarlson said work from underneath the dash. Remove the radio and heater controls. The speaker was a 4x6 if I remember correctly. If you are looking for blue door panels with round speakers cut into them I will trade you for a nice...
  29. convx4

    66 273 radiator/fan shroud dimentions

    I thought about making a metal factory type shroud for my 66 convertible that I am adding factory AC to. If you make an extra I would like to buy it.
  30. convx4

    Any Interest in Correct Reproduction AC Lines for the 65/66 Factory Air

    I'm interested. How about reproducing the fender mounted dryer, for use wit 134A. I would also like the lines that would work with a cross flow condenser.