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  1. convx4

    Factory A/C on your '64-"66 Convertible?

    I'm adding factory Ac to my 66 Signet convertible. Planing to update the AC wiring with some relays. Its a slow work in progress.
  2. convx4

    1966 Valiant Signet convertible survey

    My 66's data plate
  3. convx4

    1966 Valiant Signet convertible survey

    I just check my 66 valiant signet convertible. It has a 1 under the U in the upper right corner of the data plate. My car also has dog dish hubcaps and body painted 13" steel wheels. I am the second owner of this car. I bought it from the original owner in 2013 when he was 93years old. The...
  4. convx4

    Can you "fix" a bad top install?

    I have done three tops in my past, not a professional. Each one better than the last. Yes, take it apart. Looks like he started at the front then worked back. All the manuals I have read state start at the rear window and work forward. Get a manual. Also looks like there might need some top...
  5. convx4

    Chrome locking strips

    I used 80's dodge ramcharger chrome rear window window lock strip. Little cheaper. it is not not the exact same shape but works.