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  1. convx4

    What tach is this?

    Found a tach and sending unit with these part numbers: Sending unit 2496162 Tach 2496979
  2. convx4

    Front Frame rail info needed

    I have a 1966 valiant that is new to me. The car has sat since its 1994 accident when its brakes went out. I finished disassembling the front end sheet metal, and have most parts needed for replacement. It looks like the drivers side frame rail is moved 1 1/2" toward the passengers side...
  3. convx4

    What are the differences between 65-66 and 67-73 Factory A/C

    I have a non A/C 66 Plymouth valiant, and want to add a factory A/C system. What makes the 65-66 units different from the 67-73 units? Anyone have some pictures you are willing to post.
  4. convx4

    I'm the 2nd owner of a 1966 valiant conv.

    Hi everyone. I also posted this on the early valiant web page. I just brought home a 1966 valiant convertible. This car was only 20 miles from my house. The original owner held on to the car until today(8-10-2013). He did stop driving it in 1994 after he rear ended some one, he was 72 at...