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  1. convx4

    Rust dip success stories?

    I have been messing with milkstone remover to remove rust. You mix it with water in a plastic barrel. Works nicely to remove rust. First soak the part in another barrel that has a mix of lye with water to remove paint. Picture is a rusty fan shroud soaked in milkstone remover. I had...
  2. convx4

    Show us your home made tools

    Fixture for shorting / straightening rear ends. Also working on a cutter to cut splines.
  3. convx4

    Show us your home made tools

    This is a tool that I use on many daily drivers. Works best with a two post lift. Could possibly work in a different configuration with a car on jack stands . Having to replace my tie rods knowing that counting the turns in the past hasn't work out in the past. So using two carpenters...
  4. convx4

    Show us your home made tools

    I thought that I shared this here before, but did not see it. Transmission jack for use with two post lift. Horrid Fright transmission adapter on a cherry picker. All I had to do was drill two holes and tap one of them with threads. Need to take pictures of my AC testing tools.
  5. convx4

    Starting to rebuild the Allen distributor machine

    I love this build. I have an old allen and will never part with it.
  6. convx4

    Fuel Line Tips n Tools I use NiCopp Nickel brake line. This was on a brake line repair. I was amazed at how easy it flared and bent. On my next project this is what I am planing on...