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  1. convx4

    [WANTED] 70 and up 14" Big bolt steel wheels

    Looking for 8 1970 type 14" big bolt pattern Steel wheels, these should have the four nubs to hold the dog dish on. Along with a round center hole and flat ring the lug holes are in. Lug holes need to be good. Not worried about the outer rim. Prefer pick up in the St Louis Mo area. Might...
  2. convx4

    [WANTED] AC compressor RV2 and small block brackets

    Looking for 60's RV2 Ac compressor with small block brackets. Preferably near St Louis MO. If in St Louis Mo and you just have the compressor I would be interested in just that.
  3. convx4

    [WANTED] Early A body condenser wanted

    Looking for an Early A body condenser. About 22 x 16 with the brackets tabs that measure 24 3/8 x 5 3/4 Should have lines that attach one on each side. I am working on rebuilding the under dash box and this need to complete my system. Thanks
  4. convx4

    [WANTED] AC parts

    Looking for a metal two piece fan shroud. Also looking for a large diameter ac hard line that hooks to the fire wall. The rubber and other end don't mater.
  5. convx4

    [WANTED] Early A-Body A/C parts

    Parts Wanted: horizontal line dryer ( The one mounted above the passenger wheel in the engine bay) and hard lines connecting to it. Metal fan shroud and mounting brackets for a six cylinder These will be installed on a 1966 valiant Pm me with pictures and price that includes shipping to 63026
  6. convx4

    [WANTED] Early A-body AC parts wanted

    Parts are for my 1966 valiant, dart parts should be the same. The 1967 and older are different. Looking for the horizonal AC dryer and hard lines that sits on the passenger fender well. Also looking for the metal fan shroud for a slant six. The dealer installed under dash units use the...
  7. convx4

    [SOLD] early a-body a/c actuator

    I am looking for an early (65-66) a-body A/C actuator. A 67-72 might work. It is vertical actuator that has a rod length of 11 1/2" ( in its retracted position) and has the mounting studs on the same side as the rod. PM through the board. Thanks
  8. convx4

    Looking for A/C dash bezel for a 1966 valiant

    I am having a hard time finding a A/C dash bezel for a 1966 Plymouth valiant. Any one out there got one they want to let go of?
  9. convx4

    [WANTED] 1966 plymouth valiant A/C dash bezel

    Wanted 1966 valiant A/C push button dash bezel Part number 2580085 This picture are of 1965 dart (Top) and valiant (Bottom) The 66 valiant is long and skinny but has vertical lines like the 65 dart.
  10. convx4

    [WANTED] 1966 Valiant A/C dash Bezel

    wanted a 1966 Plymouth Valiant A/C dash bezel. Picture is of a 65 dart (top) and 65 valiant (bottom) for example. What I need is the long skinny one but it will have vertical lines.
  11. convx4

    [WANTED] Large spline manual steering box

    Wanted a large spline manual steering gear box. Info taken from bigblock dart . com tech page There are two different output shaft, or sector shaft size. Simply known as large or small sector. The large sector, just above the splines as it exits the housing, measures 1.22". The small...
  12. convx4

    [WANTED] Long list of parts wanted for a 66 valiant

    I am looking for good, nice, driver quality parts for a 1966 valiant. Factory A/C dash complete Sway Bar with k member brackets lower control arm with brackets a plus Body side molding behind rear wheels Wheel lip moldings Rear trunk molding upper and lower Left, right and...