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  1. convx4

    AC Evaporators, Condenser and HeaterCore Manufacture needs help from the ones doing the installs

    Hi, First off I want to thank you for continuing to make parts for our old cars. To me it looks like (top picture) they are both A-body evaporators. 65 to 72 is one style 73 to 76 is another. They are not very different from each other. But I don't think the will interchange due to the...
  2. convx4

    Heater box non/AC

    I have been working on rebuilding a couple AC/heater boxes. The fiberglass heater boxes can be repaired with fiberglass resin or two part epoxy. My understanding is 1965- 1973 units is about the same. 1974 changes were made to the A-bodys. I have no first hand knowledge of any thing pre 1965.
  3. convx4

    AC hose question

    I hope to be working on my cars AC soon, My plan is to cut off the crimped connector on the hose and then replace both the hose and crimp connector. I am going to buy a crimper but I would think a local AC repair shop to you could help you out.
  4. convx4

    66 barracuda AC box

    PM sent
  5. convx4

    66 barracuda AC box

    I don't have a smart phone so I'm not connected. Then I don't always log in when I look at the web sight. I have been searching for this dryer for a couple of years. Fingers crossed that you still have it.
  6. convx4

    66 barracuda AC box

    I'll take it, rust doesn't mater to me. I can pay pal you. Shipping would be to zip code 63026. My regular e-mail is You can request payment if you want.
  7. convx4

    66 barracuda AC box

    I'm looking for the horizontal drier and metal fan shroud.
  8. convx4

    1966 Barracuda factory a/c evap-heater ID

    I have assembled pieces to add AC to my 66 valiant convertible. Hard to find. This is what you need.
  9. convx4

    1966 dart A/C setup in a non A/C car help wanted

    The under dash I will be using is a 66 unit in a 66 valiant convertible. I wonder how many came with A/C? I too plan on using a parallel condenser and a saden compressor. In a strange way, I kinda want to use the 66's goofy horizontal dryer. The older I get the less I want to drive my old cars...
  10. convx4

    1966 dart A/C setup in a non A/C car help wanted

    I am about to undertake this in a 1966 valiant. I have all the under dash parts except the gas peddle. I was going to use more modern parts for under the hood. The question I have: Did you need to move the electrical bulk head connector? I was because I was told that this would need...
  11. convx4

    '66 Barracuda AC vacuum switch

    I believe this is the post that has all the info needed in the differences in the switches.
  12. convx4

    68 Barracuda A/C

    I'm adding factory air to my 66 valiant. This is some info I have found out. fire wall info.
  13. convx4

    Odd radiator

    I bend a peice of that flex tube that goes between the air cleaner and exost manafold to the shapeand lenth of what I need, then take it to the NAPPA store. they then match it to what they have in stock. works every time. Bill S.