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  1. convx4

    1970 swinger headliner ?s

    When the factory put them in the glass was out. With the glass out it makes putting in a, nice looking/wrinkle free, headliner easier. Pulling the glass might open another can of worms. Water leaks that is.
  2. convx4

    Can anyone ID this steering wheel?

    A truck has a larger spline and wont fit a cars rod.
  3. convx4

    made in canada sticker placement?

    I went ahead and installed it before I lost it.
  4. convx4

    glove box lock

    Email me if still inteested .
  5. convx4

    made in canada sticker placement?

    Thanks for your help. I will hold on to this new sticker till later.
  6. convx4

    made in canada sticker placement?

    I can under stand that no one took the time to help on But On the A-body only web page, I thought that I could get some help. Someone has got to have a 1970 dart made in Canada that still has this sticker in place. A picture would be nice. I have a repop sticker that was not hard...
  7. convx4

    made in canada sticker placement?

    The attached file is a picture of the Canada export sticker from the door jam of my 1970 dart. I did not take a picture of its placement befor repaint, and have forgot where it goes. Can some one help me so I can put the new sticker in the right place. Bill S.