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  1. convx4

    3 on tree / a903

    Last year a bought all the parts to swap a three on the tree in to my auto in my 66 valaint. I had to disassemble the steering column to free every thing up and get it to be able to work properly. I have not been able to get it installed in the car. If needed I could make a video of what...
  2. convx4

    clutch pedal interchangeability

    I just bought the 63-66 peddles off ebay. Had the late style, guessing 67-73. It looks like the length of the peddles are the same 12". The anti slip rubber covers should interchange. The peddle differences are in the brake peddle shape. There are a few differences in the peddle...
  3. convx4

    Need 4-Speed console shifter measurements

    Bill I am working on converting my Duster from auto to 4-speed. I have the shifter handle you are looking to build and measured dimensions for you. Based on your picture, the dimensions are: A- 4 1/2 " B- 4" C- 6 5/16" D- 2" E- 4" F- 1 1/2 " G- 1 1/2" H- 2 " I assumed that...
  4. convx4

    Need 4-Speed console shifter measurements

    Looking for measurements to make my own A-body 4-speed console shifter. I have a drawing attached with the dimensions I am looking for. Please post your response so outher can use the info. Thanks Bill