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    Husband and I are in the process of buying something

    I remember her she was over on B bodies inherited a metallic green New Yorker & her uncle was a mechanic name was moparlady then turned out to be a AI
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    SB standard or billet starter ?

    Just got mine same deal cheap cast front housing & side mount terminals instead of machined aluminum & rear mount terminals as pictured its seems CVR are hoodwinking its customers
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    SB standard or billet starter ?

    The 1 pictured still has a cast front housing this is 1 i ordered with a true CNC front mounting ,all ball bearing & series wound field instead of permanent magnets quite expensive but it beats changing the thing again
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    SB standard or billet starter ?

    Strange because there is not a lot of load on that part of the starter a lot of new ones do not have that end support ,i have shattered a couple through kickback but further up at the casing where the 2 bolts hold the stator on.
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    Dual quad info

    The secondaries on the super sniper do not move until you are over half throttle ,the way holley has set up the dual quad is that the front & rear body jets are in parallel & even if you stop 1 set of primaries opening until later the injectors on the other body will still fire .
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    Dual quad info

    Runs better than the STR-12 with the same Snipers the STR-12 seems to bog a bit down low
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    Dual quad info

    Took a bit to open up to match the Edelbrock heads used a long tip to get up into the tubes mate just bought the new stock Offy fits like crap looks like its made in China bolts are way off also poor fit on the heads
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    Dual quad info

    I run 2 snipers on an offy 416 SB runs great ,bit rough when cold as it only has an air motor on the rear & the manifold doesn't like to share its air very well
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    6.4 into a 68 Dart

    Use the 550-1425 you can add the VVT & SRV harness seperately the software is in the ECU also DBW you can add the dual throttle body harness . The Holley site can be confusing. When you turn it on for the first time it will ask you to calibrate the throttle position sensor but you must put in...
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    Members with 4 wheel disc systems: Can you lock your wheels?

    Same here gutted out the valves standard kelsey hayes on the front wilwood 4 piston on the rear using Baer proporting valve using Hydroboost locks all 4 in a hard brakes situation with Michelin Super sport tyres even with the manual brakes with a Baer 1 1/8 master the car stopped pretty well...
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    59* R3 Help

    Not a 59 block R3 48 degree ,9.6 deck , Victor heads, 426 Cube, Molnar Crank , 2" Babbit bearing cam ,Crane Ultra pro solid lifters ,Hughes Rockers , Compstar rods ,4 bolt , Smith push rods, had to have a camshaft made from a blank, remote oil cooler put a couple of thousand miles on it now...
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    Snap On MW120 MIG Welder

    Inside the gun you have the liner & the Conductor a lot of problems we find is the copper conductor fails where it bends constantly causing the current to go through the liner welding the mig wire on its way through ,I test the gun conductor by taking the liner out if possible & momentarily...
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    Internet to end Dec 31, 2022

    Happy New Year Its 11:42 AM 1/1/2023 in Perth WA internets still on here
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    Add Your Own Caption Part 292

    Manual 3 on the Tree
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    Add Your Own Caption Part 285

    Who been doing donuts out the front of the Cookie shop
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    6.4 Hemi and Matching Auto into Aussie Valiant

    Here is a couple of Pics bolted to the K Frame
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    6.4 Hemi and Matching Auto into Aussie Valiant

    I am just starting on 1 have a new 2022 6.4 BGE block / 8 Speed 8HP70 Hotwire tells me the 8 speed is easier than the Nag1 probaly means the electronic side . Using the Hooker Hemi to 340 Biscuit adaptors /45 Degree oil filter mount /Hooker headers /borgenson steering /Holley cast VVT oil pan...
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    Found Out I lost A Friend Today

    Sorry to hear
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    Ali Slant Block

    Aluminium Slant block for sale on Faceblock anyone keen
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    5 Ants

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    340 Engine Shake

    I had similar problems with a blocked injector get someone to turn the key on to do the prime shot do not start you will see if all 4 venturis are getting a squirt
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    SB Pistons

    Haven't heard of them gave them a call about 6 weeks to make $2500 Aud so about $1900 USD Last set I had made by Diamond they made for 4.125 SB LA we told them Victor heads so they made the pistons SB but with big block victor head valve pockets in the piston which we had to recut through the...
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    SB Pistons

    Its a Kent Ritter its already been running as a 4.125 bore i think they can go to 4.25
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    SB Pistons

    Thanks i will get a quote
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    SB Pistons

    It is a Kent Ritter 59 Degree tall deck block i also have a R3 48 degree 426 tall deck i need to dumb the Kent ritter down for licensing so i thought I would put my spare parts into it 340 crank with eagle i- beams until it is licensed then change to a 4.125 crank & Bore
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    SB Pistons

    Does anyone know anyone that produces a stock stroke 3.31 / 4.125 around 10.5: 1 340 piston don't want to pay $3,000 for a set of custom pistons
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    China welding machines

    The Cheap chinese machines flooded the Australian market but thet found no service companies would touch them a lot of people have gone back to the name brand machines. Try to claim warranty on a Chinese machine ,a distributor friend bought some in & took 1 home to try out when he plugged it in...
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    Do you want Beaver or do you want Head???

    We have a suburb in Perth called Innaloo
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    I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

    Woke up in my David Lindley T-Shirt & was cruising in in a Mercury