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  1. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    The guy hasn't logged in since he posted the AD. he ain't coming back unfortunately
  2. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    Will trade for an a833 side cover also
  3. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    Power steering column as well, sorry forgot to include that. It's in really nice shape.
  4. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 dart steering column

    I have a steering column from a 74 swinger auto on column. Tan in color was sold and buyer backed out so hence reason it's still packaged and I didn't want to cut package apart. I will take $100 +shipping in the lower 48 located in bay city wisconsin
  5. Josh owen

    Need New Drums

    Here's some I just pulled off a 1977 8.25 rear end this weekend. May help with a visual. These will bolt into 8.75 if you enlarge the bottom hole with a step bit to open up your options on better brakes
  6. Josh owen

    71 Duster 318 fuel pump not pulling fuel from new gas tank

    I just had this happen for the first time I couldn't get it to pull fuel, I sucked fuel up and got it flowing from the line and shoved it into pump. Been fine ever since.
  7. Josh owen

    Tunnel ram Tuesday!!!...

    Craigslist is the best for snagging good buys!
  8. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    I'm guessing it's gone... I've messaged and posted here and haven't heard a peep and he's within 30 minutes from me
  9. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Duster part out

    Front bumper and bumper shocks?
  10. Josh owen

    My wife was furious when she found this on the dresser

    Our kitchen....422ci blender
  11. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] Numerous parts and parts cars 50s - 70s

    Price on the 68 2 door?
  12. Josh owen

    Wtf is wrong with employers these days?!

    I love my union, never going back to non union work I can tell you that for free!!! 49ers operators union. Healthcare and decent wages and union stewards that have your back instead of the coward employers
  13. Josh owen

    [FOR SALE] Not an A body. 56 dodge

    Very very solid 56 royal Lancer from Montana 2021. have title, have 10" wide wheels to match the front runners. Weld drag lites. No motor no trans. 8.75 rear end. Frame perfect. Only rust is shown in floor $6500 in ellsworth wi. Was my dads dream car and Inline to restore next but truck coming...
  14. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    I have not touched it I parked it. Changed fluid and filter, test drove it and parked again and covered that one up. I have all the main things to swap to a 4 speed anyway and I wanna pull the 340 out for one of my dusters anyway so might be tome to build a 383 and big block and 4 speed swap it.
  15. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    Seems like destiny is telling me it's time for a 4 speed in it anyway.
  16. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    Nothing aside from normal nothing bad at all. No smoking gun
  17. Josh owen

    Tci 727 question

    In my coronet I have a TCI street fighter 727 its been great for about 16 years zero issues. Few weeks ago I was going to a show and generally I shift it manually up into drive and I shifted to 2nd and it was just like I hit neutral. Low and 3rd still shift firm like always. Reverse works...
  18. Josh owen

    318 cam

    It's a derby motor. I didn't check anything. Stuffed it in and stuck some old nos lifters in it and impacted rocker shafts down and fired it up and revved it a few times and took it out in the Pasture and held it wide open doing donuts for 8 to 10 min and called it good. Definitely nothing...
  19. Josh owen

    318 cam

    That's the way I break my cams in to. I dont do that 20 minutes and 2k non sense. Fire it up idle for 15 seconds and let it rip. Haven't lost a cam in my life (yet) and yes its hydraulic flat tappet.
  20. Josh owen

    318 cam

    Bone stock 79 318. Hughes whiplash 340 cam. Stock heads stock bottom end. Stock convertor Stock valve springs. Stock 727, 3.91 gears cam and intake. Screams even without water for 20 minutes and coulda went longer but pulled off the win in that time..
  21. Josh owen

    Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

    I also derby so I buy tons of C bodies from 65-78 i see what they sell for on c bodies forum and I'm blown away because I haven't paid over $1000 for one ever. They are usually 500 bucks and most have big blocks and 8 3/4's so I make all my money back parting them out. All it takes is a phone...
  22. Josh owen

    Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

    I'm in Wisconsin. Went to Oklahoma and just drove for 2 days intentionally getting lost i found dozens of honey holes full of cars. Wish I had more time and money and a few semis and start bringing them all home 6 or 8 at a time! No rust is such a heart warming thing bringing back to the rust...
  23. Josh owen

    Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

    I dont agree, you just have to get away from buying from internet, this 70 duster i bought last fall from Oklahoma was $800 and had a 440 in it. Going back down there labor day weekend for a 70 swinger for $500 slant 6 and complete. Get away from buying from like minded people. To.some...
  24. Josh owen

    Safe 8 3/4 axle lift

    I will ad my 2 cents I've had 8.75 rears in 9000lb imperial built derby cars and still lift with center of diff and that's welded in solid with zero give. mention the violent side impacts against concrete barriers from other well built cars and I've only ever bent one rear end and that...
  25. Josh owen

    [SOLD] 8.75 rear end and suregrip $850

    $1000 for car and both sure grip rear ends.
  26. Josh owen

    Need Quick Garage Cost Info ASAP !!

    I built a 30x40x10. One 10x10 door no windows. 4" thick concrete nothing finished inside and no electrical at the time. but me and one guy built entire the shed start to finish in 3 days. concrete poured and finished the 4th day. I did all the prep and site work myself. I tied and laid all...
  27. Josh owen

    [WANTED] B body 8 3/4 rear end

    I just posted one complete from 68-70 roadrunner drum to drum w/sure grip