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    [FOR SALE] 8.75 11 inch rear brakes

    8.75 rear brakes 11 inch drum with 2 inch wide shoes. NO drums $125 plus shipping from Northern California
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    My first gear is steeping than a 2.74.
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    Not that much to tell, no head porting, no trick race parts, just parts it came with, working to get the engine and car to work together. One of the best things I did was install a Daytona Sensors ignition. That help a lot.
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    The air was decent not mineshaft, nice sunny day. I have been working at getting the car to run that number for years.
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    The duration is in the 240s it needs more. 5000 on the conv. 4.88s out back with a 26 inch tire.
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    The car weighs 3115 with me, and it’s an auto.
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    My 273 1/4 Mile Time Slip With Video

    I always see a of talk about 273s and the power that put out, they are not a 340/360, but with some hard work they can run pretty good. This one is built like a stock Commando 273, dome pistons, I do have 318 heads with stock size valves, stock intake, factory carburetor, and .400 lift cam. It...
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    Battery Lug Terminals

    I have always use this type, easy to solder on cable and looks great
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    340 Power on the track

    We added more gear, more convertor, i did a basic gasket match on the ports, work on the exhaust more than the intake, 2.055 intake valve. the intake manifold was tuned up, cam is a Bullet .560 lift not real big. same KB pistons from 2009 with good Total Seal rings. Worked on the getting the...
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    [WANTED] 273 engine block

    I have found that the early blocks are better, 64-66, the later ones are thin, mine is .070 over, but with 3/4 fill.
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    New TrickFlow vs Edelbrock Victor340 intake testing. Numbers are in.

    Some good information Thanks Have you every CC an intake? have a friend that has done many of them, very interesting to see the difference. I think everybody would be shock how big a Thermoquad intake is.
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    Footbrake vs. Transbrake

    Most of us use a 2 step to launch with. In my experience if i get the launch rpm to low the car does not 60ft good and my reaction time is not good, but my car has no torque with a 273.
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    340 Power on the track

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    No, it is round, but exact bore size
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    I have a 273 with a 3.70 bore, and Cometic made gaskets for me.
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    73 Duster build named Fred

    Dominic builds some killer carbs
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    340 Power on the track

    Her foot braking it went 1.44 sixty foot
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    340 Power on the track

    I would say around 3100 with driver, have not weighed it the way it sits now, it’s all steel, still has the radio in the dash.
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    340 Power on the track

    It is/was, cam and gears not to street friendly at this point.
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    340 Power on the track

    Bullet flat tappet, had Dynamic work the conv, 4.56 out back
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    340 Power on the track

    We will go to Sonoma, Redding, Top Gun.
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    340 Power on the track

    This is my daughter driving her 1965 Signet, 340 10.6 comp KB pistons, Edelbrock heads,M1 intake. 10.70 at 123.95, and we are not done, there is more there to be had. really happy for her. She loves driving the car, went from 12s to 10s with the same block, crank, pistons, heads, intake etc...
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    Hypothetical 318 Builds

    I had a 318 in my Duster, KB pistons 9.4-1 comp with stock Edelbrock heads, cam .545 lift cam, air gap intake, 430 gears, great street car! drove it to the track, full interior went 11.70s on good day and 11.80s in bad weather. 318s run great just need to have the combo right.
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    What Big Block 727 Dipstick Tube and Locking Stick are you using in your Tube Chassis Race Car?

    I got a dip stick out of a 80s or 90s GM truck at the wrecking yard, and just cut the stick off, to be legal with locking type, and just carry the factory one in the truck when i need to check the fluid.
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    273 copper head gaskets SCE

    Cometic will make you any size gasket you need, i have a 273 that is .70 over and they made me a gasket that fit my bore size exactly.
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    Dirty D - 73 Duster Street/Strip Build

    Jim at ATO does great work
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    Any interest in a two stroke dirtbike build?..

    2005 first year for the alum frame