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  1. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Got a little more done today. I pulled out what was left of the speedometer gear. It looks like its a 35 tooth, I'll start perusing around ebay for a new one. I got my huge tach installed today too, I scored it on facebook market place a few months back for only $45.
  2. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Wouldn't be the first f%#@! up I've had with this car. :rolleyes:
  3. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Or I ground all the teeth off....
  4. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    ****! I just remembered that I didn't clock the speedometer gear when I plugged it into the tailshaft.
  5. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    To be fair, I no longer have the proper equipment to reach those last two studs. :D
  6. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Literally :lol:
  7. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Finally got the car down off the jackstands and drove it around just a little. The clutch is making a horrendous sound from where it got weathered some but all in all it runs and drives nicely. For some reason I lost my speedometer mid-drive so I'll have to figure that out. Also, I'd like...
  8. /6 Matt

    In this week's episode of bore or scrap it.

    Well that's a cool trick.
  9. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    I just noticed the last thing I said before it started was "Let's hope this thing doesn't spit fire in my face" :rofl:
  10. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    IT RUNS!!! So just to recap, this engine has sat under cover for 2 years in an open carport since I bought it from Rick, and its been 5 months since I started the 4 speed and engine swap, needless to say I'm quite pleased it started and ran as easily and as well as it did. I was also not too...
  11. /6 Matt

    Slant Six Score!

    Im glad you was able to do the deal Rob. Good job scoring that super six! I didn't even notice it in the ad.
  12. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    Finally some progress again! Got the oil changed and new spark plugs in. Last weekend kayleigh and I pulled the transmission back out since everything is mocked up now and we installed the flywheel and clutch and got the chance to teach kayleigh to use a torque wrech. I bolted a spare...
  13. /6 Matt

    A-833 OD transmission what type is mine? 421,422??

    QUOTE="Dart 65 /6 170, post: 1973059949, member: 58279"]it cant be done any cheaper? its nearly 800 for the whole shifter package Just make your own linkages, I used 3/8 hollow steel tube from Lowe's bent it to shape with my map gas torch. Then i welded a 5/16(i think?) Bolt on the end for...
  14. /6 Matt

    Worn out..........good or bad, got the Scamp off to "roof repair."

    Wait.... why the hell is there snow del?
  15. /6 Matt

    160 vs 180 thermostat

    Changing the tune doesn't change how the engine is machined. Youre going to wear things out much faster.
  16. /6 Matt

    Rotor change any one do this?

    Nope. But I've also never used mopar replacement parts, just cheap chinese crap. Maybe that's why? Somebody should crack open their factory service manual and see if they can find something on it.
  17. /6 Matt

    1963 Valiant Wagon "Candy girl"

    I wonder if I could use that method to make a patch of passable quality for the wheel opening on my quarter panel. Hmmm....
  18. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    So Haven't made any progress on the car, I got distracted and built a new front deck on the house. I still haven't fixed that dang lawnmower yet..... But in car related news, I did score something fun on Facebook Marketplace for $100. It's nice and tight and the bearings turn freely. I'm...
  19. /6 Matt

    1963 Valiant Wagon "Candy girl"

    Cool project Rani! I look forward to watching this unfold. I'm a big fan of slant sixes with 4 speeds.
  20. /6 Matt

    [FOR SALE] Garage sale

    Pm sent on door hinges
  21. /6 Matt

    Fork too far back?

    They don't make a 10-1/2 and 11 " combo for slant sixes. Except for maybe the granny gear 4 speed apps in trucks, but thats a different tranny and bellhousing that won't fit in a car. Frankly, you need to get rid of that 10" bb unit and either step down to a 9 inch or have your flywheel...
  22. /6 Matt

    1964 Valiant "Get Runnin & Drivin"

    Looking good Rob. I change my vote for paint color to silver. A nice bright silver with metal flake would make that red pop.
  23. /6 Matt

    My 1972 Dodge Dart

    It looks like you might have room for two small puller fabs mounted diagonally in the upper left hand corner and bottom right corner. If you leave the pusher then the 3 fans should cut it. Noce car! Looks alot like the xv motorsports car.
  24. /6 Matt

    Lift point for 2 post lift

    I always used the subbframe directly in front of the front leaf spring mounts for the rear. And the subframe in front of the transmission crossmember for the front.
  25. /6 Matt

    New owner in NC

    Looks sweet! Welcome from Lincolnton!
  26. /6 Matt

    1970 /6 Dart

    The mailman brought another goodie for me today. This will also go into storage for down the road.
  27. /6 Matt

    170 slant six nitrous fogger pics

    Thats freakin cool!
  28. /6 Matt

    bias ply tire memories.

    That tread pattern looks like Carlisle Turf Savers