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    Carter AVS on a 340 drains of fuel

    My money says it's the main wells leaking. Look under the carb at the soft plugs (aluminum) below the main jets. The plugs become porous, especially after a rebuild that included a soaking.
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    383 into 70 Dart Swinger

    You'll find all your answers at Check out the tech section.
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    Sometimes you hate them...

    Sounds like a carb problem. But if you suspect the timing chain has jumped, you can check it without removing the timing cover. 1st. Ignition timing will be way off. Ignition timing runs off the cam. 2nd. If ignition timing is off, pull the valve cover for #1 cylinder. Put the dampner on...
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    got ripped by Indy Cylinder Head

    I too have had several bad experiences with Indy personel. Last year at Vegas and several times over the phone. I do no plan on doing buisiness with them anytime in the near future. And Ya, the heavy set guy was rude!
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    Crankcase pressure

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. Hope I can help. The venting of crankcase pressure under WOT through the breather is normal. Blowing oil out the breather is not normal. Check your oil level. Confirm it's not overfilled. If it's an aftermarket pan with a larger sump you may want to try...