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  1. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] A body leaf spring hangers w new poly bushings, rear shackles new bushings $85 shipped

    Mopar A body restored front leaf spring hangers & rear shackles, new poly bushings (Energy Suspension) with lube for front spring eyes bushings (1/2" bolts included), OE shackles have new rubber bushings. Nice, not rusted or pitted originals that were removed from a dry (AZ) 1972 Demon. Bead...
  2. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] B/RB Aluminum water pump housing, pump, gaskets $65 shipped

    I have a used 440 source aluminum water housing, hi flow water pump, and new Fel Pro gaskets. Fits B/RB engines. Used, working when removed from my 512. Located in Reno NV, local pickup and discount. Paypal preferred. $65 shipped.
  3. 813Demon340

    [FOR SALE] Carter Thermoquad 440HP, #6324S, w new rebuild kit, $80 shipped

    I have a Carter Thermoquad Carb that was removed off of a strong running 1973 440 HP cop car motor. Been sitting for several years in the garage after I built that 440 into a 512 with dual quads. I will include a new, unopened, rebuild kit from Napa for it. Comes with carb to intake gaskets...
  4. 813Demon340

    [WANTED] 1965 A-Body Z-Bar for a Slant

    I have one from a 71 Duster 6 cyl if that will work.
  5. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Box of 13 emblems, mostly Dodge, and more misc stuff, $65 shipped

    I have a box of 13 emblems, horn pad, 2 gas caps, pilot bushing, cam spacer, etc. Cleaning out the garage & toolbox. Most emblems have the studs and came from Southwest cars with minimal pitting, R/T emblems were Nos bought in the 90's. No, I will not separate them. They were collected over the...
  6. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] 1968 340 Cast Iron Bellhousing, nice, $250 shipped.

    I have a 1968 340 cast iron bell housing. Mopars, Dodge, Plymouth. It is a 10.5" small block bellhousing cast #2843887 (cast iron) to fit 1968 A-body 318/340 4-speed applications, 4.354" bearing retainer opening, uses 130 tooth flywheel. Fits duster demon dart barracuda cuda challenger gtx gts...
  7. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Canton 360 Road Race pan & pickup, fits RMS, truck, etc $275 shipped

    I have a nice used Canton road race pan (trap doors and baffles) and pickup for a 360 LA (not 318/340 LA), can work on a 318/360 Magnum with slight mods. Fits pretty much any chassis with front steering (RMS, Denny's, Control Freak, Truck, etc). It will NOT fit a stock steering A or B body, that...
  8. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Duster emblem set of 5, $58 shipped

    PM replied to $48 shipped
  9. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Rear speaker knob, bezel, and wiring, nice, $18 shipped

    I have working rear speaker knob, bezel, and wiring. In nice shape, excellent chrome, wires pliable, all connectors good. Not sure what I got it out of. $18 shipped USPS Priority from Reno, NV
  10. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] A body 4 speed shift boot & ring, $28 shipped

    I have a nice original shift boot and trim ring for a Mopar A body 4 speed. Has a small hole and a kink (see pics) that face the front of the car, not really seen when installed in car. $28 shipped USPS Priority from Reno NV 89511, Paypal preffered.
  11. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] 1970 1971 Dodge Dart rear sidemarkers, nice $48 shipped

    I have a pair of nice 1970 & 1971 Dodge Dart rear side markers. They are complete with backing plates and nuts, nice chrome, no cracking/ crazing of lenses. $48 shipped from Reno NV, Local pickup and discount, paypal preferred.
  12. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Duster emblem set of 5, $58 shipped

    I have set of Duster emblems 1) Large Plymouth emblem for front of hood, good pins 2) Set of Duster plastic door emblems, with good pins 3) Duster Emblem, good pins and nuts 4) Small Plymouth emblem for decklid (new, stick on) These are nice southwest emblems with minor to no pitting, may need...
  13. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Duster/ Demon DC Spoiler, bumper, fiberglass, NEW! $350 shipped

    Due to the high shipping costs I would prefer to keep them together right now.
  14. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] 3 spd Wiper Arm, bushing, nuts,# 3431618, A body $48 shipped

    I have one extremely clean original wiper arm #3431618, with washers, bushing, arm and motor nuts. Came off my 72 Demon. I don't have the motor for it unfortunately. $48 obo Shipped USPS Priority from Reno, NV. Local pick up and discount. Paypal preferred.
  15. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Duster/ Demon DC Spoiler, bumper, fiberglass, NEW! $350 shipped

    More pics. Last pic is the spoiler sitting on my Demon.
  16. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Duster/ Demon DC Spoiler, bumper, fiberglass, NEW! $350 shipped

    Both of these are NEW undrilled, unused, not warped. Fits Dodge Demon, Dart Sport, and Plymouth Dusters: 1) DC style Ducktail / Kit Car spoiler. Heavy Duty fiberglass, undrilled, not warped, fits well. Has center ridge for 71+ decklids. This is a heavier fiberglass aftermarket copy of the...
  17. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] Mopar adjustable pinion snubber, powder coated, $50 shipped

    Sold. MJD323, a member pm'd me about 2 1/2 (4:21am) hrs before you did.
  18. 813Demon340

    [SOLD] A body trans crossmember, powder coated, $75 shipped

    Sorry about that, thank you for the correction. I'll resist it correctly.