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    Converter has reached its limit

    Call John at FTI very helpful and top notch service just had a new converter built for R5 motor
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    [SOLD] 1970 Duster - 408 - 20K Final Reduced Price!

    Do you have the original seats what are those seat out of a explorer
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    [FOR SALE] 71 demon

    71 demon project all new rear quarters tail panel fenders and door are very solid floors are in nice shape bucket seats are in good shape back seat is in nice shape front grill is in nice shape also has a rear go wing V8 car manual brakes and steering 8 3/4 rear end 323 posi 6500 car is in...
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    P7 heads

    That’s my engine from last yr can’t wait to see how much better these heads and intake work compared to last yr
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    P7 heads

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    P7 heads

    I don’t post over here much but I’d like to say a big thank you to Larry Smith for a great job on my P7 heads looks at the mid lift numbers are in real Larry was 1 of the guys who designed the P7 head for nascar
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    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    Still available?
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    [SOLD] Parting out 69 barracuda notchback slant 6 3 on the tree

    Is the left rear leaf spring hanger any good still I’d be interested thank you
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    [FOR SALE] 904 Race Transmission

    904 Racr Transmission best of the best parts Aluminum front drum and hardened input shaft hardened rear out put shaft rear roller bearing support billit rear drum with big piston 4.2 lever A&A trans brake CSR shield 8 inch converter 2 to choose from 1 goes 6700 other goes 5500 trans and...
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    [FOR SALE] 4 Bare 340 Blocks $800. to $1450.

    What are the prices of the block you have left
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    [SOLD] Edelbrock Torker II 440

    Shipping to 49024 thank you
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    [WANTED] Iso tall deck small block . X block. R block ect. 1234.00

    There is still one on these pages might have to go back a couple and a complete short block asm
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    [SOLD] 727/904 trans brake

    727/904 transact trans brake works great bought the transmission and the valve body was in it I don’t need it for a street car my race tans has the same valve body 450 plus shipping from 49002
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    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    Any pictures of inside the trunk
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    [SOLD] Real Nice ( Dry Desert) 1970 Duster H Code(56K Miles) $5,950.

    In box is full trying to get a hold of you
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    [FOR SALE] Back 1/2 frame kit

    Has 32 inch ladder bars with all new brackets for the rear end so it’s easy to cut yours off and weld the new ones in place where ever you want to place them it’s a chassis engineer kit
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    [FOR SALE] Back 1/2 frame kit

    Says 24 inches on there web site
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    [FOR SALE] Back 1/2 frame kit

    I can measure it it the morning for you
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    [FOR SALE] Back 1/2 frame kit

    I have a complete back 1/2 frame kit brand new most parts still in the wrappers going a different direction 995 don’t know how I’d ship it so needs to be picked up in Kalamazoo mi
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    [SOLD] Duster Sheet Metal

    Would you ship it to Michigan
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    [FOR SALE] Duster/Demon Deck Lid

    Is this still available
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    [SOLD] Duster Sheet Metal

    How about the trunk still available
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    [FOR SALE] Ladder bar frame kit

    Brand new ladder bar and frame rail kit all parts are brand new in the packaging it’s a Chassis Engineering kit 3628 sells new for over 2k asking 1000 plus shipping or pickup
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    [FOR SALE] Duster/Demon Deck Lid

    Is a 71 the same as a 72
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    [FOR SALE] 70 440 HP block

    70 440 hp block .040 over flat top pistons steel crank MP484 cam new no lifters 452 heads all new valves and springs set up for hydraulic cam 500 lifter less then 500 miles on the heads 1200 for everything