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    [SOLD] 67 barracuda fastback rolling shell

    battery tray support
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    [WANTED] Wanted 4 spd parts

    looking for A-833 10.5" small block parts. dust cover, started plate seal. Thanks
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    Im looking for a pair of 8"or 10" x15" 5 on 4.5" steel rims with a small back space. Thanks
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    correct starter relay

    ok thanks for the info.
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    correct starter relay

    I am redoing my 69 notchback and have converted it to a 4 spd. My question is Im replacing the starter relay and see that a stick and an auto are different. What are the difference between the two. Thanks
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    Stockton wheel?????????

    Wheel Smith 800 854-8937. They have custom BS
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    Replacement 340 motor mount brackets.

    classic industries
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    [WANTED] 1968 Barracuda red square inner lenses for tail lights

    Ill have to check but I think I do. I cant check until next week though
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    Harness choices

    I have a 69 notchback without a cage and want to put a harness in the car if possible. What have guys/gals done. Thanks
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    Rim question

    The steelies are 10" and the centerlines are 8" with ss springs and a 8 3/4
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    [WANTED] front roof skin

    I have a 1969 notch back that has a sunroof in it from back in the 80's. I need that front skin section to repair mine. Thanks
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    valve seal/guide confused

    I just started to take them apart and haven't checked much yet
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    valve seal/guide confused

    the The valves look ok
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    valve seal/guide confused

    believe it or not the stems are the same size .470
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    valve seal/guide confused

    I recently picked up a set of ported 340 heads were done by a machine shop.The heads had 2 bent valves. Apon removal of the valves I noticed there was no valve seals on any valves and the valve guides were two different kinds of material (exhaust are brass,intake was steel) at lease that's what...
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    Dash lights

    Thanks sounds good. I know that switch is a pain to get at. :BangHead:
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    Dash lights

    I checked both sides of the fuse with the switch off and on and still no power
  19. blmopar1

    Dash lights

    Thanks for the help Ill have to check things further.
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    Dash lights

    I figured the rheostat was working do to when I close the door and turned on the interiors lights.
  21. blmopar1

    Dash lights

    There is no fuse for the dash. Does the orange wire come off the reastat?
  22. blmopar1

    Dash lights

    I took my 68 fastback out for a night ride and discovered I had no dash lightd. I checked the bulbs and only had 1 out. the reastat is working the interior lights and head lights. Thanks for any suggestions
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    Shifter Diagrams

    yes thanks Dan. I was told there is suppose to also be a clutch pedal stop bumper where would that be located ?
  24. blmopar1

    Shifter Diagrams

    I'm switching my 69 notchback to a 4sp. I bought a clutch pedal assy on want to make sure every thing I need is on it. Its hard to find decent diagrams. Thanks
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    [FOR SALE] 15" Rallye wheels

    Hey Rob ill check for you.