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    Help w/340 carb selection

    I have a 69 Roadrunner 383. Carb is a carter avs #4615s. It has smaller primaries than the 440 avs.
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    Help w/340 carb selection

    The main wells may be leaking on that factory avs. If you look at the bottom of the carb just outside of the primary bores you will see two soft plugs about an 1/8-3/16 in diameter. These plugs work loose. You can drill them out and install either 1/16 pipie plugs or set screws with locktight...
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    Huffer for my 400?

    The Supercharger Store has a few units that bolt onto the front of the engine. They work very well and allow you to use the stoke hood
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    EGR or not

    Well first things first. The absence of an air pump has nothing to do with an EGR valve. The air pump pumps fresh oxygen into the upstream exhaust to help burn unburnt fuel when the engine is cold. It pumps air into the catalytic converter after warm-up to add oxygen to the catalyst effect. It...