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  1. 66cuda

    no drag racing in southern california

    well guys ....brace yourselves! this is going to be happening more & more as the boomers who love & live the hobby continue to die off..... soon the "greenies" will geta bill passed to outlaw the classics as noisy oil leaking pollution machines and demand that they are all crushed..... TOO many...
  2. 66cuda

    out on the road...... supposed to be a real 70 hemi cuda !!!!

    Last I heard there were a fairly limited number of those cars ever built.... and I believe it was Galen? It is also rumored that someone knows the current disposition of each & every Hemi car that was built in the early 70's. What is interesting about this is over the course of the last 6...
  3. 66cuda

    New LED tail lights 69 Cuda

    HEY HERS nice HIJACK!!! I think your nanny should have spent far more time smackin the senselessness out of YOU!! The choice was and has been yours to make...our position was to let you know of the risks you take when you make choices like that!! I am certain you missed all of that because you...
  4. 66cuda

    So long

    Krazy...HOW the heck are you lookin at Uranus??? I cant look at Myanus??? IF you spot may need to get you some UC2010....Ultra CHarmin from 2010...guaranteed to remove Klingons!!! The bears told me so on TV!!! MUST BE TRUE!!!! \
  5. 66cuda

    New LED tail lights 69 Cuda

    BOYS BOYS BOYS..... not a recap , worked for an R&D facility in Farmington Hills , MI for a few years. specifically from 92 to 96. They were doing research on LED lighting ( I know because my team did the programming for the test gathering computers ) At last count they had built 186 "models"...
  6. 66cuda

    good hedder paint

    Far as I know the ONLY place you can get Eastwood stuff is FROM EASTWOOD? and look around
  7. 66cuda

    Behold, the world's dumbest human being...

    C'mon guys...go easy on the "Tons O fun Tinkerbell" Chuck Baris did the GONG SHOW he is just another idiot seeking his 15 seconds of FAME....CURIOUS I am WHY he DIDN'T SELECT a NEW CHALLENGER SRT8??? vs a MUDDSTAIN??? the selection of automobiles alone defines his ignorance...why not compare a...
  8. 66cuda

    National Do Not Call registry...

    In my very friendliest and bubbly voice I say SURE whats the number? pretend to write it down and whats your name ?...pretend to write it down...THEN say...I 'll be sure to look you up _____ ( name of the caller...ALWAYS use their name and use it often) as soon as I get out.... my sentence is...
  9. 66cuda

    call me crazy...

    PS.... the Black Bently cabriolet above.... HELL yes I would own & drive that.....However it is also unlikely since I would have ZERO intention of ever PAYING for one....OFF THE HOOK EXPENSIVE...damn fine ride, just too much $$$$$$. ALSO on the tons of early Detroit iron in crash...
  10. 66cuda

    call me crazy...

    OK...can we get a little clearer? TUNER= blown NEON, low end honda's with HO motors, Nissans Mitsubishi's all the lil rice burning vibrator sounding nitrous injected CHEESE! The Acura NSX, is not a "tuner" low end EXOTIC yes TUNER not hardly! thats kinda like saying the Diablo is a...
  11. 66cuda

    good hedder paint

    Since dupli-color removed the 1200 vht paint from their lineup spray bombs are kinda out, the 500 vht is total poopoo. WHat I have used with pretty fair success is the stuff from eastwood 1200 spray or brush on...this stuff goes right on the header no primer I have used it many times and had...
  12. 66cuda

    Dumb Comments

    FACTOID: those who tell you what is "correct" and what is NOT correct about your car a RULE hop they into a 99 sonoma multi colored ( rust coated) PITA and head off into the sunset.... POINT being almost NONE of them are OWNERS of anything the hopeless wannabee's that...
  13. 66cuda

    I like fruitcake

    I helped my Mom make fruitcake for almost 30 hooked on it ...LOVE IT..never ever saw any coconut in there?? dried fruit and spices MMMM then soaked in wine or brandy for 3 days.....FREEKEN AWESOME!!! miss it in a big way.... y'all who don't like em feel free to ship em my...
  14. 66cuda

    [SOLD] 1966 Formula "S" 14" Hubcaps FS/ Set #1

    This insane...where is the pic going ???
  15. 66cuda

    [SOLD] 1966 Formula "S" 14" Hubcaps FS/ Set #1

    I love it when I screw up LMAO at myself!!! PLymouth Rocket Logo The rocket logo, as seen on a Valiant, is shown below; it made sense given Chrysler’s building of large sections of the Moon rockets.
  16. 66cuda

    [SOLD] 1966 Formula "S" 14" Hubcaps FS/ Set #1

    FYI... The rocket logo, as seen on a Valiant, is shown below; it made sense given Chrysler’s building of large sections of the Moon rockets. The mayflower logo actually kinda looks like a boat...
  17. 66cuda

    Early Barracuda Car-**** Picture thread. lines were pretty exclusively used only on Corvettes, mopar never used gold lines...... just sharing info, NOT tellin you what to colors were blue streak and red lines...then RWL's
  18. 66cuda

    Early Barracuda Car-**** Picture thread.

    diamond back classics.... link -----> they use radials and they have every combo of colors that came on stock they are very decent folks to deal with....very mom & pop company and treat you like family, not just another customer... I have been using them...
  19. 66cuda

    Early Barracuda Car-**** Picture thread.

    LOL Custom Headers Custom Cutouts with manual mechanism and inside handle for opening & closing at will Custom formed 3.5" pipe tuicked close to the shaft so it cannot be seen from the side 3.5 in 3.5 out single fold muffler Custom over the axle & tail...with a stainless very very very close...
  20. 66cuda

    Early Barracuda Car-**** Picture thread.

    you mean BEYOND Effin EXPENSIVE?
  21. 66cuda

    Early Barracuda Car-**** Picture thread.

    DAMN SEABEE...must be all that damn just thinks like navy check it out
  22. 66cuda

    Who on here has used Galen's services?

    NOT bashing...he is a good source....he has collected much...and all of it is likely valid....and yes I said LIKELY...there are no manufacturer records to confirm his database of knowledge...hence it is a collection he has compiled from many sources. I recognize that he is likely the foremost...
  23. 66cuda

    Old michigan members

    LOL memory lane!!! used to go to the Gratiot drive had a huge waterfall that changed colors on the back of the screen ( very cool for back then)....caught the movie and as everyone was leaving all the hot cars would gather off to the side of the exit and make plans to head out to either...
  24. 66cuda

    72 340 actual hp?

    it all depends HP was "rated" lower due to insurance changes and cafe standards being lowered..... it was not at all uncommon for your 250/275 hp 340 to be sluggin out up to 350 easily...have seen it with my own eyes way more than once! also someone said earlier that the 72 340 could ALMOST be...
  25. 66cuda

    Ever hear of a carb exploding?

    damn son...what the heck were ya tryin to do lookin down the carb going 30 down a street git yerself kilt?
  26. 66cuda

    Ever hear of a carb exploding?

    Never had a carb blow up on me....BUT I also know when I look down it, I never use a match to light my way!!!
  27. 66cuda

    Struggling at work - looking for tips.

    everything written here is good doubt!. But I was just thinkin, if you are "distracted" by something in your life then your mind is NOT 100% on your work...and that distraction can include the fear of failure on your job! the remarks of others are no help and if there is more...
  28. 66cuda

    trade my mopar for a pontiac??!!!

    WELL Macho's are rare....and they are nice, but they never reached nearly the same notoriety or performance level as the Royal Bobcat GTO, which is one of the reasons they are so rare. Macho cars were more or less an attempt to get past the emissions and horsepower limitations of the mid to...
  29. 66cuda

    Where can I find these seals?

    I have never seen a rubber seal at the bottom of the steering tube on any A body and I have had a bunch of them ....I have seen wafer donut type seals up inside the tube usually made of that bigger bubble styro stuff....but I have never seen a seal on the end of the tube.....and it would have to...
  30. 66cuda

    Easy to replace front seal on 904?

    CURIOUS....if the engine is already away from it and he has access to the entire inside of the bell housing...why does he have to remove the trans?.... everything he needs to get at is already exposed. The ONLY reason I can see that YOU MIGHT want to remove it is when you torque everything...