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  1. ragtopfury

    Long Time Lurker...Finally Got My Demon!

    Cool. Aren't dart and demon fenders the same?
  2. ragtopfury

    Christmas present from me to you

    Save a horse, ride a Memaw.
  3. ragtopfury

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Started taking the 03 Dakota apart. Right side exhaust manifold gasket has blown out. 4.7 motor.
  4. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] 1975 Plymouth Valiant 4 Door Part Out

    Nice low rider look..... are the t bar mounts rusted out?
  5. ragtopfury

    [WANTED] looking for a good running 273-318 smallblock,near NJ,pa,del,md,ny

    Go buy the 89 fifth Avenue, or whatever that car is being sold in NY. You'll have everything you need in one purchase.
  6. ragtopfury

    Christmas present from me to you

    You can lay on your back, her on top, with a boob touching the bed on both sides of your head and still have an air tunnel of cleavage to breathe thru.
  7. ragtopfury

    Christmas present from me to you

    PBR's posts are like a train wreck. You can't not look at it. Thanks for being you, PBR!
  8. ragtopfury

    Add Your Own Caption Part 334

    What can I say fellas, sh*t happens.
  9. ragtopfury

    Mason Dixon mopars

    Nice show and drags. I've been on the show side off and on for about 28 years now.
  10. ragtopfury

    Add Your Own Caption Part 335

    Stop touching my nut.
  11. ragtopfury

    Random pictures thread

    The moon set yesterday morning
  12. ragtopfury

    904 question

    Well we all know some people have something done many years ago and then it just sits on the floor in the corner of the garage for longer than it took their kid to graduate high school and now they just want it out of the way because the project it was for is already gone. I never said it was...
  13. ragtopfury

    904 question

    Yeah. I'm gonna pass. Appreciate the thoughts and keeping my head straight, FABO.
  14. ragtopfury

    904 question

    So assuming a slant and a 318 904 form the same generation, are all the internals interchangeable? I have a core 318 904 that needs rebuilt. I can get a rebuilt many years ago and never installed slant 904 for 80 bucks locally. Can I swap the slant 904 guts into the 318 unit?
  15. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] 73 Dart Sport rear bumper

    Good for a core. Has some dings and dents. Needs chrome. No mounts. $30 local pick up in or near Manchester MD 21102.
  16. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] Inner fenders, radiator support and front frame

    Ok, the front rails are both bent at the bumper mount area, inner fenders appear straight, core support may or may not be tweaked at thw bottom. Rails are solid. Torsion bar cross section is not rotted but is slightly hacked from the previous owner's attempt at removing the trans tunnel. I'll...
  17. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] Driver's side door jamb/striker

    Cut out of a 72 Duster. $50 picked up in or near Manchester MD 21102, or you can pay shipping. Passenger side also avail, but have not cut it out yet
  18. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] 72 Duster rear frame section

    This the rear most section. About 18 inches of it. Does not appear bent, but has some funky home made spring mounts welded to it that can be cut off. $75 local pick up in or near Manchester MD 21102. I also have the rear shock mount piece for $50. Just not pictured yet.
  19. ragtopfury

    [FOR SALE] 72 Duster upper and inner cowl

    Sawzall removal below all the seams.I am not drilling out all the spot welds. A few of the louvers are pushed in. I believe they can be straightened. No rust thru that I can see or feel. $125 local pick up in or near Manchester MD 21102.
  20. ragtopfury

    Josh's 73 Dart Sport - "Fred"

    trunk gutter - done.
  21. ragtopfury

    Add Your Own Caption Part 333

    Easy Chad, it'll buff right out.
  22. ragtopfury

    Add Your Own Caption Part 333

    Oh man, paintless dent repair ain't gonna fix this.
  23. ragtopfury

    Add Your Own Caption Part 333

    Shirtless dude : Hold him Jim. I'm gonna kick his *** for getting in my way.
  24. ragtopfury

    True Story From The Past

    Somehow, my cell number (phone, not jail.... lol) has gotten related/attached to my brother's father-in-law's info/house. I get calls for his property every few months. Duct cleaning, roof, windows, sell the whole name it. I keep telling them Mr Goodman is not at this number. Or I...
  25. ragtopfury

    And just like that the 2023 race season is over

    Well, ya wouldn't winterize it for the summer. Just sayin......... poke poke jab jab fun fun........
  26. ragtopfury

    Josh's 73 Dart Sport - "Fred"

    Another lunch hour in the garage today and the Left fender is roughed in. Tomorrow, I hope to get the trunk gutter almost done. After that, we'll roll it out so I can get the 03 Dakota in for the exhaust manifold leak and front of the engine oil leak taken care of. Sounds like an old farm...
  27. ragtopfury

    My Luck

    Hope she was wearing a skid plate.
  28. ragtopfury

    I’ll not a mask wearer

    Not disagreeing, but in this case pants that fit would be a good thing as well.