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    WTB: SBP 8 3/4 10" backing plates

    Thanks but I've already got new drums. Just needing the backing plates and I have already got a set from a member on here. Thanks again. Dwayne
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    WTB: SBP 8 3/4 10" backing plates

    Looking for a set of 10" small bolt pattern backing plates for my 8 3/4. If you have a set, please let me know how much shipped to 37920. Condition is not a big deal as it'll just be a driver. Thanks in advance. Dwayne
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    rear 8 3/4 backing plates..

    I sent a money order for $40 ,which he said he'd take shipped, for these at the end of December 2010 and have not heard anything back from him. He won't reply to my PM's and I've not received a refund or parts and here it is almost a month later. Looking more and more like a scam. Dwayne
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    SBP 8 3/4 backing plates loaded

    I'll buy these if you still have them.