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  1. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

    Sorry, I haven't. No carpet, fiberglass hood,acid dipped fenders and doors which would lighten it up a bit but add frame connectors, Lakewood roll bar and semi truck battery in trunk it probably weighs damn near a stock Demon
  2. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

    Sure will. You're 2nd in line
  3. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

    Ooops! Thanks for mentioning that!
  4. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

    I believe they're 4 1/2 direct bolt. The rears are uni lug 15x7's that were stretched to 10". Honestly they're probably be one of the last things id part with.
  5. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

  6. Riff Raff

    [SOLD] 71 Demon

    71 Demon ex Drag Car (Super Stock?) now registered and insured with NY transferable registration. 340/904 Dana. Unfortunately I do not have any history on the drivetrain other than it allegedly has a roller cam in it. Plan was to freshen drivetrain and run it on the street. It does run and drive...
  7. Riff Raff

    Longer offset shackles?

    Also agree with 72bluNblu. I'm all for 70's and 80's speed parts and styling but the long shackles were a bandaid at best. Call Mancini and they will recommend the correct SS spring # for your application.
  8. Riff Raff

    Pertronic Ignitor in a Prestolite Dual Point?

    I think it's easy to assume with the amount of available options listed on the Pertronix website that any distributor is a slam dunk as far as finding a proper kit. (I think I even saw a kit for a dual distributor v12 something or another).I have an old Mallory dual point that is pretty common...
  9. Riff Raff

    Custom Pertronix question

    Bummer. I appreciate the help. Just going back to points. I'll hit up the traditional hot rod guys.
  10. Riff Raff

    Trunk mounted battery kit

    Might be a little more than you want to get involved with but I made all my own cable from 2 aught welding cable. Ran the positive and negative cables up through the car. I used two insulated bulkhead connectors so you can bolt/unbolt the cables on either side of the firewall. I used a semi...
  11. Riff Raff

    Custom Pertronix question

    I Its a '58 364 Buick. Was originally mated to an automatic but mated to a Saginaw 4spd. 4 Stromberg 97's on a log manifold
  12. Riff Raff

    Custom Pertronix question

    Solid advice guys. Ill see what the new unit looks like and hopefully it'll work. If not I'll open the wallet and wait for nos point sets. Thanks for the help!
  13. Riff Raff

    Custom Pertronix question

    Yeah I certainly don't have the talent for that. In my naivety I thought eyeball it, set an air gap and hope for keep my ngers crossed. I'm trying a different part # from pertronix that looks more promising. Hopefully it'll be the ticket. I would've never even gone this route if a reliable...
  14. Riff Raff

    Custom Pertronix question

    Having an issue finding the proper conversion kit for an old Mallory dual point. Am wondering if I could simply drill and tap the breaker plate and secure the module with the proper air gap or is there a lot more involved with rotor phasing. ? BTW this on my 364 Nailhead. Thanks, Jeff
  15. Riff Raff

    dammit ray !!

    Not sure which MSD unit you have but years ago I had an issue with a Digital 6 box that would crap out intermittently. MSD said the potting cracked and was causing the erratic behavior. Maybe you have a similar situation? Jeff
  16. Riff Raff

    [WANTED] Cragar Super Trick Center Caps

    Looking for a "driver quality" pair of center caps. Thanks, Jeff *Image for reference*
  17. Riff Raff

    Mopar Street Rod/Rat Rod Thread

    I am fortunate enough to be the caretaker of this one. 30 Chevy chopped and channeled, 58 Nailhead, Saginaw 4spd and a 3:50 geared olds rear. Motor has only had a set of lifters put in it probably 20 years ago. Never been apart. Wife and I drive it everywhere.
  18. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    That's super generous of you sir but not sure when I'll be in TN. I'm about 900mi away. I appreciate your offer!
  19. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    Great idea Neil! Thanks
  20. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    Already have them. The pic is just staged in the driveway. Just wanted to see how it looked
  21. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    Yes sir. We're going to do it right.
  22. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    Great, thanks. Springs are on the list
  23. Riff Raff

    B 200 tow rig headers

    Looking for a set of headers for my B200 318 tow rig. Wondering if truck headers would work in a van? Thanks
  24. Riff Raff

    Name a movie you DISLIKED that most others really liked

    Any of the "cult classic" movies where they destroyed old iron. Never understood the appeal of car guys that like movies that destroy cool cars. And I'm sure most of the stuff wasted was solid Cali stuff. Absolutely loathe the Dukes too.
  25. Riff Raff

    A new song for ya'll

    Sounds great!
  26. Riff Raff

    Title issues

    Rumble. Look up a guy on YouTube, handle is: beachtroll. I followed the steps he layed out for applying for the Vermont transferrable registration. They do not issue a title. It's 50 state legal. I registered my Demon that was a drag car early in its life then sat on a trailer for 30 years. I...
  27. Riff Raff

    Experienced vehicle sellers at Carlisle

    Considering selling my Demon at Carlisle. Just curious how your experience was? What's your preferred method of payment? Of course cash is king but always sketched out by possible counterfeits. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jeff
  28. Riff Raff

    Vehicle security for long road trip

    Airbnb is the way to go and is very comparable price wise and in many cases cheaper than ñame brand hotels. Many places I've stayed at the owner is on the premises or close by. I'd also express your security concerns to the hosts about your vehicle. Every host we've ever dealt with has been very...
  29. Riff Raff

    MSD yay or nay

    Had an MSD Digital 6 box crap out on me and left me stranded or even more frustrating would intermittently work. Sent it to MSD and they said it was a known issue that the potting surrounding the circuit boards would crack and brake a connection. Of course they wouldn't warranty it. I'll only...