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    i'm here and i was allways just a phone call away
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    how do you ban someone that wont go away?
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    Another 75hp please

    Barry Grant has the best carbs bar none just remember when it comes to a carb on a small Mopar they don't like to much cfm. most people don't relize carb cfm is measured @ 15 lbs of Vacume. at wide open throtle that will change. on my 340 i will not go over 715cfm. i found it works best (for...
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    Challenger R/T

    that is faster than i ever wanted to go in my 71 Chalenger
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    TTI Header Fitment Issues

    if you use solid motor mounts it will raise engine about 1/4"
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    Another 75hp please

    do the Eddy heads,intake look for the best Cam Pkg some work better than others. I like Isky cams i have been using them for over 30 years. the choice is yours. i also like the Eddy Torker II intake good bottom end.and good top end. mid range is awssome.if you want some other ideas call me...
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    Shop broke into

    i too know the feeling a few years ago i got hit for about 140K the insurance co only gave me 40k i was pissed off butt what can you do i had a video and found the theif the Sheriff said there is nothing they can do unless i saw them go from my shop to their house with my stuff with Seiral #'s...
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    Rolls Royce Slant 6?????

    :read2:the fact is that Chrysler used R/R technology to help design the slant-6 although it was a Chrysler Engine:read2::toothy10::munky2::tongue9::icescrea::rock:#-o:-\"=D>:argue::love5:](*,)](*,):toimonst::book::happy6::notworth::shaking::la::heart:[-(:dark1::blob6::sleepy4:\\:D/:pukel:
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    Hello Mopar Friend ! How about a Rolls Royce ?

    i was at the car show in Tampa and this R/R was there i spent 45 min's looking this car over. this car was done with no expence spared. soft leather NOS covers. it has a 500+ cid blown Hemi it sounds IGNORANT! it is a very special MOPAR Enjoy it. i too have some pic's of it that will go in my...
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    What gears to run?

    how about 29" tire shift @6800-7200 what gear would you go with? i also have a 3800 stall converter?
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    Barn Find

    call a cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Barn Find

    it is cruel when we drive by and see all those hot cars of yesterday just rotting away. it should be a crime.
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    Stolen Car hauler

    let me know where i can get a deal on an enclosed trailor 24'-28'
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    Post your wheel and tire combos.

    Front 15x3.5 165r15 Rear 15x12 .725 Backspacing 29"x15.50x15 in the wheel wells Barly
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    Let's see your garage!

    :toothy10::read2::clock::cheers::sign10::munky2::finga::finga::homework::homework:=D>:argue::toothy8::downtown::tongue7::thumbdow:a lift sure makes a great shop. i will send some pic's of mine very soon. i have 2 one is a 4 bay shop that has 3 lifts the other one is 30x50 with a 12'x20'...
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    71 D200 $800 Obo

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    71 D200 $800 Obo

    did your trade happen?
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    Stolen Car hauler

    that sucks...i will be looking for it in Florida
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    my 68 dart project part 2

    i like Manuel steering with a 4sp with power steering you can over steer
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    Tire Question

    they don't
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    tire question

    you can put a 165/75r14 it will be narrower and a little taller
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    Why ruin a good thing...

    Congrat's JR let me know what week it will be? if it is in May i will be there for 11 days i will bring my Shotgun. make sure the Cake is in the shape of a Pinstar. Good Luck Don
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    Mitch Mitchell

    it was a great time(ara)
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    71 D200 $800 Obo

    Send me some Pic's if it is a D-200 it should have a Dana 60 in it? thanks Don 813-434-5577
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    Need Advice: member not sending my parts

    let us know when you get your parts. i would have dealt with it a little different way.
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    68 barracuda fiberglass hood

    i have one with a Snorkel scoop Don 813-434-5577
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    Gas $1.99 gallon

    $2.19 in Ocala Fl. across the street from Garlit's Place
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    Looking for gears 4.56,4.88

    what do you want for your 457's
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    Dodge Girl???

    i have a DVD of the old Commercials