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    mopar Nats 2022, 8/12-14/22 columbus oh

    I just got word back ,he said not enough cars to get a tent ,so not happening ,probably another empty midway this year again ,o well leaving now will still have fun
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    mopar Nats 2022, 8/12-14/22 columbus oh

    I plan on leaving tomorrow morning ,I just text him waiting on reply ,otherwise I will stop by his shop before I leave and post back
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    mopar Nats 2022, 8/12-14/22 columbus oh

    I will be there looking for some headliner bow clips for a 70 Duster. also one of our guys is in charge of the survivor tent
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    [WANTED] upper grille support /header panel for 70 duster

    Looking for upper grille support /header panel for 70 duster, will be at Indy swap meet Friday. or something close to northwest Oh. Thanks
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    Proportioning valve repair

    try this try this
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    Pilot bearing

    Yes ,and I do as Daves69 said I drill and tap the old bushing while in the car and use two small bolts to pull it out .You could probably use a steering wheel puller or something like that ,or a slide hammer with a blind bearing puller
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    Pilot bearing

    That is a factory bushing /bearing set up ,make sure the new bearing fits your input shat ,if so just remove the remaining bushing in the crank and install the new one you have there
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    46rh/a518 Torque Convertor: Balance weight?

    Yes that is for engine balance and will need to come off
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    Anybody going to MOPAR NATIONAL 2017

    I will there looking for a good upper cowl panel for 70 duster . was going to pick up new quarter panels ,but they are on back order. always looking for deals and love checking out the awesome mopars