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    Restoring a 65 Barracuda

    Hi...yes I'm still around and thanks for the comments. Sharing information gives me joy. Still have the 65 and now own a 66 Barracuda as well. Both FS 4 speed cars. Good luck on your project.
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    [WANTED] Early A body Car

    With all due respect regarding 65 Barracuda S cars: The 322 sales code option for the S package includes the tachometer as printed on the window sticker. The tachometer could be optioned on any 8 cylinder car (sale code 468), but was standard equipment with the S package. SG (Sure-Grip) was an...
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    Old Age according to Home Depot

    Humorous, creative and so true, especially "In your 70's" 78 I know. Thank you for providing a virtual image of myself and cementing wife's understanding of the old fart she lives with.
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    Info on 70 Duster in Stuart, FL

    No issue's been sold.
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    Info on 70 Duster in Stuart, FL

    I agree on the underside pictures.....but I have also developed significant distrust for online car dealers. Most seem to be unfamiliar with the car they have for sale..especially if Chrysler products are involved. I would certainly question most anything they state or claim. Thanks for your...
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    Info on 70 Duster in Stuart, FL

    There is a 1970 Duster listed on eBay from a dealer in Stuart FL. Is there anybody who lives near there interested in taking a look at the car or perhaps someone who already has taken a look and is willing to share info? It's a yellow 340 with BIN @ $32000. If it doesn't violate forum rules, I...
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    [SOLD] 1990 Ramcharger ext door handle

    I'll take it if moparhunter passes.
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    Can Motor Be Installed Without Removing Hood?

    I reinstalled a 273 mated to it's 4 speed into my 66 Barracuda with the hood in place. I would do it again.
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    65 had shields on both r & l exhaust manifolds from the factory. 66 shield/gasket only on the drivers side with no gasket or shield on the passenger side. Reuse old shield/gasket should be no ones are getting hard to find.
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    1965 Formula S 5800 miles

    "Early A body HP muffler question" was my post from way back in 2011 when I was restoring my 65 FS., how much I've learned since then.
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    1965 Formula S 5800 miles

    I have not found any other applications for the #541 or #548 (reverse flow mufflers). It seems they were only for 273 HP's. Can't be 100% sure though.
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    1965 Formula S 5800 miles

    I wrote this article a couple of years back...but I do not know if I ever posted it on FABO or not, so the information may or may not be new to all readers. I provide this information in reference to posts #5 (mine) and #12 asking about the straight through muffler design. (see picture below...
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    1965 Formula S 5800 miles

    Great video......and we heard the legit sound of an early straight through muffler. All 65 Formula S cars did not sound the same. The early versions were much louder and had a signature snap, crackle and pop when decelerating. Thanks for sharing
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    RV2 AC compressor Rebuild help

    Thank you Pete in NH for responding....kinda thought it would have to be removed.
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    RV2 AC compressor Rebuild help

    I don't mean to high jack this thread, but does anybody know if the front ball bearing can be replaced on a RV2 crankshaft without removing the compressor from the car? Thanks ahead time for the info.
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    Your old dodge trucks.

    Absolutely love my 87.
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    [WANTED] Passenger side outside mirror

    Hi Don....trying to stay away from repo mirrors. Are you interested in selling your passenger side mirror? If so, a picture and price would be helpful. Thanks
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    [WANTED] Passenger side outside mirror

    Hi...I'm looking to buy a passenger side outside mirror to match the driver remote style mirror found on mid 60's to early 70's cars. Driver quality is fine. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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    65 Formula S tach mounting ?

    I used threaded studs screwed into the 4 tach mounting and attached with nut and a spacer for each. Screwing nuts on the a stud during re-installation is much easier than hoping to find where the threads are on the tach mount. Also, a nut can be held in a socket which helps when fingers and...
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    65 Formula S tach mounting ?

    Begin the tach removal process by removing the instrument cluster first. Believe me, you will find that necessary. Also, removing the headlight switch and wiper switch will make getting to the 4 attachment nuts easier. Removing the fuse box attachment screw and moving it to the side the helps...
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    information on tachometer wiring

    Tach has to be grounded in order to function. Grounding on 66's tachs are through the cluster via the instrument panel ground to body. On 65's, the tach has two wires attached to the back of the tach. One yellow wire from the sending unit and a black or brown dedicated ground wire.
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    Build dates

    I have a 66 Barracuda FS with a scheduled production date of 9/22.
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    [FOR SALE] 1965 Barracuda/Valiant A/T floor shifter knob.

    I take it if it gets to my turn.
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    [SOLD] 1970 Virginia license plates

    I'd be interested getting in line...looks like #3 Thanks
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    1984 W100 wheels and tire question

    I always thought the factory optional turbine wheels were cool.
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    [WANTED] Passenger side outside mirror

    Mirror shown in attachment 1715518800 is wrong style. Can't open attachment 18802, but I need a passenger side mirror to match the remote style on the driver side as shown in the Charger and Barracuda pictures. Thanks, Pat
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    [WANTED] Passenger side outside mirror

    Do you have any right side mirrors for sale?
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    Did they ever produce a slant 6 4 speed with a console in 1966?

    That wasn't his statement, he simply reprinted dealer information sheets sent by Chrysler stating 4 speed transmissions for V-8 only. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Did they ever produce a slant 6 4 speed with a console in 1966?

    FYI..1st gear ratio for 1964-65 4 speed transmission was 3.09:1 while the 66 1st gear ratio was 2.66:1. That 2.66:1 1st gear start would have had 225 6 cylinder grunting a bit to get moving. I have a 65 and 66 4 speed cars, personally I love the 3:09:1 first gear found in the 65 trans better...