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    Why run dual quads?

    @68original Because I have a Max Wedge and I can too! Then you add fenderwell headers! Nuthin' like the sweet sound of a 4 barrel carburetor exceptin' if you have TWO 4 barrel carburetors!

    Not a slant. 1947 boat Engine

    Dad's 2 friends were rebuilding a Continental 226, with parts from a marine engine, that had not been properly winterized, for his big old wooden boat. The engine they were rebuilding had come out of a Kaiser. And, yes, they spent 2 or 3 days trying to figure out why the cam timing wasn't right...

    [WANTED] 65' & Earlier A833

    A friend who has since passed raced Maxes when they were new and told me they never broke a ball and trunnion!

    [WANTED] 65' & Earlier A833

    Be Careful, A-Body and B-Body are different. The A-Body is shorter, I think.

    How Could I Be So Stupid/Careless?

    Yes, that was it and it never influenced me that much that I needed a motorcycle. I did follow the Steve McQueen example when I launched my '59 Plymouth wagon over a steep hill and bounced it! And blew the oil pan out of it, they didn't show that in Bullet!

    How Could I Be So Stupid/Careless?

    @65TerrorCuda I'd forgotten my bicycle mis-hap! It was the time of The Great Escape. I took the fenders off the bike. There was a spot in the driveway that I used as a small jump ramp. A friend was coming through the yard and I said "Watch This"! I jumped and watched the front wheel fall off...

    How Could I Be So Stupid/Careless?

    I’ve always been a Mopar guy and in 1977 bought a ’65 Imperial 2 door hardtop. Land yachting at its best! In 1972 I discovered Mercedes Pontons. My brother brought home a ’61 190Db. A ’49 Plymouth with German flavor, anyway I was selling Ponton parts in Hemmings and got a call from a guy in the...

    This Is A Heartbreaker....

    When State Farm totaled the Forester they used CCC Intelligent Solutions who is supposed to have some sort of valuation program. I do not know if the same company is used for collector cars. They decided that the car was worth $2700 less $500 deductible and $500 "Owner Retained Salvage"! I would...

    This Is A Heartbreaker....

    I think I am the only person in the world that could spin an AWD vehicle! Month and a half ago bounced my '01 Forester off a concrete median. Tough little beast, drove it 60 miles home at 70 MPH with the AC on! State Farm totaled it. I kept the car and got paid. Because they couldn't find the...

    Ummm this can’t be good

    I had a '52 Imperial I wanted to put a 3-71 or 4-71 blower on but never happened. The Marine Hemis had adjustable rockers. I knew a guy who paid almost 2 grand for my friend's 2 marine Hemis and that's all he took, he left the rest! Chrysler was getting 180 Horsepower out the 331 Hemi and...

    Tire age

    There are posts on FABO and FBBO about this. I go 7 years and that's it. If I am on the road I want to be as safe as possible. What freaked me out, I was running my '93 Subaru Legacy in the left lane of the interstate at 80-85 with 12 year old tires! I wasn't paying attention. Think of this...

    Electrical Gremlin.....weird, man.

    I have a '92 Dodge B350 van. I found out recently that when the dash lights are out and the "Idiot" buzzer isn't working the brake lights are out too. It was a broken trailer wire that blew the fuse.

    Be careful out there!

    So early on, 1967 or so, it was cinder blocks, stamped steel jack stands, bumper jacks and scissor jacks. And then for motor jobs a 2 1/2" pipe rack arrangement and a come-along. Then I was working for a dealer and the Snap On guy says they bought a freight car of Hein-Werner 2 1/4 ton floor...

    Sad Ending to My Dart Build

    I have the Max with Hagerty. My DDs are with State Farm. My late wife wrecked her '01 Forester and I told SF we wanted to keep the car. They gave me a number less the deductible, what they thought the wreck was worth and cut me the check and it was enough to fix the car. I was driving her '90...

    Does anybody have Mom's '62 Lancer GT?

    Hey Jack, very cool. Mom is gone but I hope her car isn't! 340 or 383?

    What’s the exact process to identify a real 66 Formula S Barracuda?

    That's what I've been wondering is did some guy, or girl for that matter, walk into their friendly neighborhood Plymouth dealer and say I want a 383 4 speed Notchback and was told it needed to be an S and they said said OK, no, see ya and the salesman says wait wait wait. In the late Seventies I...

    What’s the exact process to identify a real 66 Formula S Barracuda?

    My friend had the car in 1972 or '73. As I recall the interior was stripped out except for the buckets, might have had the back seat. I don't remember any emblems although it may have had the 383-S hood trim. It would be interesting to go back and check the VIN and trim tags! I took it out on...

    Does anybody have Mom's '62 Lancer GT?

    In 1972 Dad wrecked the '68 Custom Suburban and Mom needed a car. In the local PennySaver was a '62 Lancer for sale. It was being sold by the parents of a guy I went to school with. We already had a '62 2 door sedan so why not another? It was metallic green with a green bucket seat interior, 170...

    What’s the exact process to identify a real 66 Formula S Barracuda?

    In 1984 a teller at the bank at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA had a ’67 convertible, white, white top and red interior, 273 4 Barrel, 4 speed, 8 ¾ diff, buckets seats and the single exhaust chrome tip. Nowhere on the car did it say Formula S! Does anybody have this car? Does anybody...